Texas Survival Mode

PUBLISHED: 6:32 PM 19 Feb 2021

Texas Horror: Power Water, Groceries Gone Right After Biden Gave China Keys To US Power Grid

Texas isn’t the only place experiencing these widespread outages, but right now, the people there need prayer.

Hmm... (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In Texas, the people are living in survival mode, without power, water, or groceries. Many are standing in the cold for basic food. These people need prayer and help.

However, it seems odd to many people that as soon as Biden rescinded President Trump’s Executive Order (which according to the Supreme Court isn’t allowed) concerning power grid equipment from foreign enemies, this storm causes massive outages in Texas.

Skyline News reported:

Former President Donald Trump proposed an executive order in April of 2020 to “monitor and replace” any U.S. power grid equipment made by the nation’s foreign adversaries.

Analysts said it would mainly affect communist Chinese-made products like electrical transformers.

President Donald Trump followed through and signed the executive order on May 1st 2020, prohibiting bulk power system equipment from foreign companies in the U.S. grid, citing security concerns.

On January 21st 2021, President Biden signed an executive order giving access of the United States power grid to communist China.

On January 27th 2020, A Fox News reporter asked White House Press Secretary, Jen Paski, why the President did that and wasn’t that a national security risk. Paski replied, “I will have to circle back to you on that”.

Today is February 11th and there is still no answer from the White House but NC Congressman Madison Cawthorn tells Skyline the President is being irresponsible and has put America in danger.

Congressman Cawthorn said, “This is clearly a national security risk. Joe Biden has once again placed his allegiance to foreign interests over his allegiance to the American people. From migrant caravans calling on Joe Biden to fulfill his promises to them, to his illicit connections with Communist China, Biden seems to be willing to work for anyone but the American people.”

Asked, what exactly will communist China have to benefit from having access to America’s power grid? Congressman Cawthorn said, “Not only will China be able to infringe on our electrical grid, but with the destruction of the Keystone pipeline, China also threatens to cut America’s oil lifeline off as well. We must stand up to these authoritarian regimes, it seems that Biden lacks the backbone to do so.”

Asked if there has been any outrage about the executive order among Republican and Democrat house members? Congressman Cawthorn said, “Yes, yesterday I sent a letter addressing this Executive Order, and firmly rebuking Biden for his unilateral action. I have my team working on other avenues to swiftly respond to this clear national security threat.”

Chinese made cell phones, drones, and other high tech electrical equipment has been known to contain spyware and hacking software to connect with other systems within the United States. The concern is that Chinese transformers, electrical equipment, and power grid computer hardware / software can be made to shut down American power grid systems including nuclear power plants with Chinese made components.

Menawhile… Texas has no power or water.

The DC Patriot reported:

There are millions of Texans facing water shortages after the deadly winter storm ravaged the state this week, causing pipes to burst and treatment plants to backup, disrupting services and contaminating supplies.

This disruption of water supplies has compounded problems after a huge winter storm caused widespread blackouts as the storm wreaked havoc on the state’s power grid and utilities.

Around 2.7 million households in Texas were without power on Wednesday morning.  Texas’ power grid was heavily impacted by the winter storms that have spread out across much of the U.S. this week.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott said on Thursday that the state has restored power to around 2 million homes, according to reports from the Washington Post.

“As of this afternoon there are no residential power outages due to lack of power generation,” Abbott tweeted. “If any residence doesn’t have power, it is due to downed power lines or the need for the power company to manually reconnect. If you don’t have power contact your local power provider.”

Texas officials have ordered seven million people, one fourth of the population of the nation’s second-largest state, to boil tap water before drinking it following days of record low temperatures that damaged infrastructure and froze pipes.

Almost 600 public water systems in more than 140 counties reported disruptions in service, affecting nearly 12 million people on Wednesday night, a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality spokesperson told the Texas Tribune.  Hospitals in Austin and Houston have been among those struggling with disruption to water supplies.

Due to frozen pipes, many homes and some businesses are suffering from flood damage as well, due to freezing pipes bursting in the cold weather.

Many grocery stores are running low on supplies due to high demand for bottled water and other staple products… Most are out of bottled water as well as other staple products.  Several stores have had to close due to the weather conditions, or the lack of inventory.