PUBLISHED: 7:43 PM 15 Mar 2017

Texas Gov. Abbott Makes Good On His Word, Strips $1.5M From County That Tried To Call His Bluff

Governor Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott (Pictured Above) Threatened To Take Away Funding If Counties And Cities Didn’t Follow The Rules

It isn’t groundbreaking news that Democrats no longer understand what the American people want. They ran on a platform that included an open borders policy instead of focusing on how to help American citizens. That meant that every single illegal immigrant, refugee, and others like them would be allowed into the country, almost eliminating the need for borders.

When the Democrats lost, they realized that President Donald Trump would start securing these borders. Lacking common sense, they looked for different ways to bypass his actions. Their answer was to hide the illegal immigrants from the federal authorities in some cities across the United States.

These “sanctuary cities,” as they have been referred to, are deliberately hiding illegals from the federal government. Democrats believe that American citizens should be helping illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter to them that these illegals shouldn’t be in the country to begin with.

However there is a way to fight back against these sanctuary cities. President Trump has spoken about denying federal funding to these cities. The Governor of Texas has taken it one step further. Governor Greg Abbott stripped Travis County of $1.5 million because of the fact they refused to follow federal immigration laws.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been a supporter of the state's strict voter ID law since it was first introduced.

Abbott Has Been Vocal About His Threats Should Sanctuary Jurisdictions Not Follow The Rules

Abbott also made destroying sanctuary jurisdictions in Texas an emergency action for this year’s legislative session. He is a known immigration hawk and wants to make sure that his counties are following federal immigration procedures. That means stopping these rogue cities from protecting illegals from the proper authorities.

Texas legislators also passed Senate Bill 4, which was introduced by Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock). The bill contains provisions that allow federal funding to be removed from those sanctuary jurisdictions that want to oppose the federal authorities. In other words, if a city doesn’t cooperate, they will lose funding.

The most notable violator of this has been Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez. Her nickname, “Sanctuary Sally,” really shows how much she cares about illegal immigrants. She became the biggest target when she announced in February that her county’s jails wouldn’t cooperate with immigration officials.

That was when Governor Abbott went to work and quickly stripped the county of roughly $1.5 million in law enforcement grants. It might not seem like a lot of money, but it can go a long way into making sure that other counties don’t do the same thing.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott indicates he is ready to sign SB4 into law

Abbott Has Already Taken Away Funding From These Misbehaving Areas

Senate Bill 4 was passed by the Texas Senate only one week after the new Travis County policies were instituted. In other words, they listened to what Abbott had to say and got the bill passed.

Abbott took away $1.5 million now, but there is a chance that he could remove even more funding. The bill is going through the Texas House now, where with some modifications, it’s expected to pass. Governor Abbott’s office will then evaluate the federal and state funding that Travis County receives, and what they can take away.

Governor Abbot’s spokesman, John Wittman, told reporters what they were planning to do. “Travis County currently receives $125 million in state and federal grants that flow through the Office of the Governor. The governor’s office is currently evaluating how much of that $125 million could be taken away under SB4.”

Texas has fought with sanctuary cities before. Last year, U.S. Representative John Culberson (R-TX) worked with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to certify some sanctuary jurisdictions. What he wanted to do was strip them of future federal law enforcement grants.

Once Travis County started rolling out sanctuary policies, Culberson asked the DOJ to add them to the list. Once they are certified as a sanctuary jurisdiction, then they wouldn’t be eligible to receive these grants. That is until they are in 100 percent compliance with immigration authorities.

In a December interview, Culberson spoke about these policies. “99 percent is not good enough. These jurisdictions must cooperate 100 percent to qualify for these DOJ grants. They must choose between protecting illegal aliens and receiving federal funds.”

Money for illegals, not a cent for the homeless

It Seems Like Democrats Value Illegal Immigrants Over American Citizens.

Obviously these sanctuary cities just don’t understand that. They want to oppose President Trump and his immigration policies at all costs. They are even willing to risk losing money that they get from the federal government. What is that proving? All it’s doing is hurting the people in that specific city. That’s not what Democrats think though, and it’s a crying shame.

Democrats are doing whatever they can to help out the illegal immigrants of the country. Take into account what Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) did. He signed a budget that would take $115 million away from middle class education. However, he actually increased funding for illegals. He’s literally valuing illegals more than he is the middle class American citizens.

Another action that some legislators are taking are to hold the Democrats responsible for illegal immigrant crimes. A congressman from Colorado introduced a bill that would allow people to sue the Democrats for any crime that an illegal immigrant committed. If they want to keep all the illegals here, Democrats should be held accountable if they commit a heinous crime.

Share this article to show that Governor Abbott wasn’t playing around when he threatened to take away funding from sanctuary jurisdictions. He has already taken $1.5 million away from Travis County, and there is the threat that more funding could be revoked. It’s simple: Either these sanctuary jurisdictions start obeying the immigration laws, or they don’t receive money. The choice is theirs to make.