PUBLISHED: 4:16 PM 11 Sep 2017
UPDATED: 8:35 PM 11 Sep 2017

Texas Football Party Ends In Disaster As Argument Outside Escalates Quickly

Police secure the home where the tragic shooting took place.

Police secure the home where the tragic shooting took place.

Police secure the home where the tragic shooting took place.

Seven people plus the shooter were killed yesterday in Plano, Texas as a football viewing party took a tragic turn. A motive for the incident hasn’t been released but a neighbor witnessed the beginning. Crystal Sugg told reporters that she saw a man and a woman arguing outside the home but couldn’t hear what they were upset about;

“And as they were arguing, the woman was trying to go back in. As she was going back in the house, you see the man pull out his gun and started releasing. So as he released, I ran back in because I didn’t want to get hit by nothing.”

An officer who happened to be nearby was the first on the scene according to Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley;

“He actually heard gunshots and that’s when he made entry into the house. That’s when he observed several victims inside then engaged the suspect. And that’s when he shot him.”

Unfortunately, the immediate response could not save the seven victims. Two others were shot and hospitalized although their conditions are unknown. No officers were injured.

All of the victims were adults and it is still not clear if the shooter was present at the party or even if he knew his victims. The couple who own the house were apparently in the process of getting a divorce.

Neighbors expressed shock over the incident. Lauryn Nichols said she knew one of the people inside but wasn’t sure of her friend’s condition, “I’m worried,” she said. “It’s like one big family here.”

Stacey Glover stated that early in the day, the party goers had been outside grilling. “My heart is still beating like a million miles per hour. I know I’m not going to sleep tonight.”

There is going to be a press conference later today where more details are expected to be released on the horrible mass shooting.

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