Wall Construction Begins

PUBLISHED: 5:16 PM 24 Sep 2018

Texas Border Wall Construction Begins

The section of the wall is said to be finished by April 2019.

On Saturday, construction for the U.S.-Mexico border wall began in El Paso, Texas.

President Donald Trump made it clear of his intentions to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and, as with nearly most of his other promises already, he has delivered on that.

Just on Saturday, September 22, construction broke ground in El Paso, Texas to replace a mere fence which has stopped few illegal aliens with a wall which is expected to actually solve the current illegal immigration problem by deterring unlawful entry. While the recent announcement has enraged many pro-immigration advocates on either side of the wall, it is an excellent reminder to those in favor of such security measures that President Trump has delivered on just another one of his promises, something that the media is conspicuously silent about.

On Friday, U.S. Border Patrol agents confirmed the section of the project and estimated it to cost $22 million and to “be completed in late April” per the president’s Executive Order 13767.

This stretch of the project is said to cover the border between the U.S. and Mexico, running from the El Paso del Norte International Bridge for four miles eastward.

While the illegal alien border-crossing problem is undeniably detrimental in many other Texas areas, this section of the wall is expected to be effective, as the “18-foot high bollard wall” will allow “Border Patrol agents to see through the wall” and will include “a five-foot scaling plate at the top which will make it very tough for entrance.”

In deterring illegal aliens from entering the U.S. unlawfully, Border Patrol agents also expect that a stricter physical barrier along the international border will reduce the number of violent attacks on Border Patrol officials as well preventing drugs from entering the country.

Border Patrol Chief of the El Paso Sector Texas, Aaron A. Hull, explained that Border Patrol officers are victims of violent crimes more than any other type of law enforcement officer, with such occurring already 54 times within the fiscal year in the El Paso Sector alone.

However, he continued that he expects such to change with the newest addition of the wall, saying that “It’s harder to get over, harder to get through, harder to get underneath.”

“It’s going to make it harder to cross for illegal aliens. It’s going to make it harder for smugglers and border criminals to move freely between the two countries as they can now.”

Fortunately for the country’s national security, that is exactly the point. Yet immigration advocates have been quick to argue that in building such a wall that deters illegals is inhumane to those crossing the border.

Many have argued that illegal immigration, including scaling a wall regardless of height or danger, will continue regardless of such protections.

Yet these individuals do not seem to understand the concept of a deterrent. More importantly, they also seem to be forgetting that just because many advocates for illegal aliens do not agree with such an idea, even more patriotic Americans are in support of President Trump’s plan to build an effective, necessary, and deterring barrier.

Also of importance to those with any regard for safety, what about those innocent Americans who have lost their lives or family members to the violent crimes committed by these illegal aliens crossing over?

Another interesting fact about the latest border wall construction development is that while the announcement of such has been reported on by many local media sources, most of the liberal media has been undeniably silent, not only on the wall’s construction but about how President Trump has upheld an impressive number of his promises to the American people.

In a recent update of the wall’s development, President Trump commented that despite so many on the left being in opposition of his deterring efforts towards illegal immigration, that victims such as Mollie Tibbetts and their surviving families are “now permanently separated.”

Yet most conservatives would agree that leftists who brush such issues aside are not considering the American people first.

Advocates on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union attempted to claim that the wall building does not solve “the root causes of migration” but instead, “push[es] migrants to the more dangerous parts of the desert” along border lines.

While it may sound insensitive to leftists, that should arguably not be considered America’s problem anymore, considering the harm that illegal aliens have imposed upon the nation’s safety and economy.

Also staggering is the horrendous rate to which this has still been occurring. Recently, over the course of only three days, Border Patrol officials from the Rio Grande Valley Sector reported catching over 2,000 illegal aliens attempting to cross the border in just one small border crossing area, referred to as ‘Rincon Village,’ known for being “a gateway for human smuggling.”

In this respect, the border wall is, in fact, humane in being a deterrent considering that it is undeniably dangerous to enter any country illegally.

Yet, as mentioned before, the most important fact remains that these protections will undeniably keep American civilians and law enforcement agents safer from the harm of such.

Liberals may argue that this is horrendous on behalf of a country ‘that was built on immigrants,’ yet the time has come to restrict the illegal doing of such significantly, and, thankfully, for the American people, they have a president in office willing to do just that in putting the country’s citizens first.