Tax Dollars Terror

PUBLISHED: 7:27 PM 25 Jun 2018

Terrorist Ties To Islamic Charity Group

One of the worlds largest charities, Islamic Relief, is set up as a “front,” distributing taxpayer cash to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Osama Bin Laden “loyalist” and Al-Qaida terrorist Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani’s name comes up in connection with $80 million funneled directly to Hamas.

The first rule of politics, when you mean total evil, put up a front of total good. All you have to do is hang out a sign that says you’re doing “humanitarian” work and the money rolls in by the millions. According to the Middle East Forum’s recent report, one of the worlds largest charities, Islamic Relief, is a “key organization” designed specifically to be a “front” as “the flagship institution of lawful Islamism in the West.”

Americans have been financing Islamic terrorism under the guise of “relief” for years. Islamic Relief “received over $700,000” of U.S. taxpayers’ money and millions more from taxpayers around the globe. Osama Bin Laden “loyalist” and Al-Qaida terrorist, Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani is linked to $80 million funneled directly to Hamas.

Private donations are also being wired straight to anti-Semitic hate groups and terrorists to pay for bullets and bombs. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wrote a record-breaking check to Islamic Relief for 1.4 million, making it the group’s “largest single donation.”

Islamic Relief officials “dined at the White House” during the Barack Obama administration and even were given jobs as advisers in Hillary Clinton’s Department of State. It needs to stop now, the MEF insists.

Behind the facade, financial ties to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other militant political groups led Israel and the United Arab Emirates to both designate Islamic Relief as a “terror-financing organization.”

There are certainly Muslim charities that do not promote extremism and subsidize terrorism. Why should taxpayers all over the world fund a charity that does?” The MEF’s report states.

“Ultimately, if Western governments are serious about fighting the intolerant, divisive and violent effects of global Islamism, then Islamic Relief must be shut down,” the think-tank’s report recommends.

After the UAE and Israel designated the group as a terrorist organization, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a probe, teaming up with the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of Personnel Management.

OPM confirmed that a criminal investigation is ongoing. Unable to respond to an FOIA request, the reason for the failure was described as “disclosure could reasonably be expected to interfere with ongoing enforcement proceedings.”

The charity defends its actions by claiming they work only with “legitimate, accredited fellow charities and government agencies around the world.”

They do partner with groups like FEMA, the Red Cross, and Jewish refugee charity HIAS but that is only as a cover for their more secretive ventures, notes MEF.

It’s no accident that the UAE and Israel both banned the organization from operating within their borders. The report explains, “there is a reason for two international banks shutting down its accounts.”

Also, there is a reason why European officials are looking into “Islamic Relief’s promotion of extremist preachers who advocate violence and hate.”

Islamic Relief is the brainchild of “prominent Islamist operatives.” The founder, Hany El-Banna, used to be a trustee of several charities linked with terror groups. He was deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood at the time he set the charity up.

In a 2016 Al-Aqsa Voice interview, he told listeners of the official Hamas radio station “a strong coalition” was needed to “repel any foreign ideas and malignant intrusions.”

His co-founder, Essam El Haddad, was the foreign policy advisor to deposed Egypt President and head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi. Egyptian police charged Haddad with “using Islamic Relief to finance the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.”

The groups chief U.S. lobbyist, Khaled Lamada, likes to share Arabic language posts on Facebook, “praising the jihad of the Mujahidin of Egypt for causing the Jews many defeats.” He is totally psyched for a “huge defeat” of “the Zionist entity.”

Issam Al-Bashir is not what you would call tolerant of the LGBTQ community. He is a “prominent member” of a Muslim Brotherhood clerics group that wants to kill all Jews and homosexuals. Before joining the charity he was a government Minister for the “genocidal” regime in Sudan.

Their top man in Britain is Ahmed Al-Rawi, who used to be in charge of the global Islamic Relief Worldwide. He is the “main declared British affiliate” of the Muslim Brotherhood and personally signed “a declaration in support of jihad against British and American forces in Iraq.”

Even Russia has designated Islamic Relief “as a terror-financing organization.” In 2005, the Kremlin accused them of backing terrorism in Chechnya.

Over in Switzerland, UBS bank, renowned for their tight lips and no questions asked banking policies, not only closed the Islamic Relief’s accounts, they “blocked donations coming from its customers to the charity” in 2012, because of “terror financing” reports. In 2016, HSBC bank also pulled the charity’s plug. Of course, Obama ignored such activity.

By 2015, they moved their sensitive banking needs to Sweden. Using Swedish money, they passed funds to “senior Hamas figure” Ramadan Tamboura. His partner Jamal Hamdi Al-Haddad runs a Hamas “educational” program called “Know Your Enemy” aimed at Jew despising Palestinians.

The list of “prominent extremist clerics” and “Islamist activists” that speak at Islamic Relief sponsored events are widely known to promote such principles as “homosexuality is death,” “Jews are pigs and apes,” and “defending sex slavery.”

Many Americans are agreed that not one penny should go to such a group.