PUBLISHED: 12:04 AM 7 Dec 2017

Terrorist-Linked Activist Arrested In D.C., Unruly Protests Threaten Safety

Linda Sarsour, Muslim acvtivist, has been arrested for protesting against the tax bill in the congressional building.

Linda Sarsour, Muslim acvtivist, has been arrested for protesting against the tax bill in the congressional building.

Liberal activists, radicals, and actors continue to chant and scream their way into 2018 as the newest opponent they are told to shout at is the tax bill that is supposed to pass sometime next week.  They have been very active in recruiting college students and the homeless alike in their causes to disrupt and hinder the Trump presidency.  Now they took their organized public theater to Congress as radical leader, Linda Sarsour, and many others were arrested for disrupting Congress.

The event took place in the hallways on capital hill as what looked like hundreds of people who do not even look enthusiastic about their cause started screaming in the building.  Their chants and organized talking points were echoed throughout the halls and no one was allowed to talk over them.  This is the very basis of an argument with the “tolerant” left as anyone with a different opinion other than the one spewed by every mainstream outlet is a nazi that deserves to be punched.

It is not enough that the devout Muslim and Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour works with misinformation and misleads those around her, but for others to actively look to stop Congress from working is a despicable crime.  This is how liberals would want the country to work. The biggest group gets to yell the loudest and protest against others talking peacefully.  Congress is not perfect but the organized flow of laws is what this country is based on and their storming of the building is symbolic for mob rule.

Linda was just arrested protesting the tax bill on Capitol Hill. #KillTheBill #GOPTaxScam (Update in comments)Image via Alejandro Alvarez

Posted by Ramon Mejía on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sarsour works with a number of affiliates and organizations to mislead the public’s conception about Islam, specifically Islam with women.  Her approach is that she tries to act as the rebel against the establishment that is currently headed by Trump.  By doing this, feminists who totally hate the patriarchy can identify with her and listen to her alternative.  Sarsour tells some lies about how Islam empowers women and boom, the feminists are working with Islamists. Islam is the embodiment of patriarchy.

Others in the crowd of protesters look like they are just there because it is something to do.  Sure there is an organized shout similar to high school football games, but there really is not any enthusiasm.  Many are just holding signs and saying what they are told to say or else people will not think they are cool.  However, it is more likely that with leaders like Sarsour, there are more devious tricks about for this demonstration.

It has become widely known that people can make money by working as political protesters for leftists.  This has been demonstrated numerous times by multiple outlets that have shown internet ads for activists with hourly wages.  That is why so many in the display look disoriented and tired, they are working and would probably rather be home with their loved ones.

These yellow signs are the telltale signs of a fake protest as they have been linked to numerous DNC affiliated protestor organizations.

These are the kinds of tactics that the left are used to using and then systematically exploiting the media coverage.  Instead of talking about recent and groundbreaking scandals such as the fake news epidemic and what it is doing to the stock market, the headline is “Trump arrests Muslim Women Protesters.”  However, the internet has made it incredibly easy to see how many of these activists just do not seem to care about their cause.  So many of the videos that show leftists rioting and protesting just show older and disheveled individuals standing around with signs.

Sarsour was arrested for disturbing Congress but it is likely she has already been released as her Twitter was quite active with Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem today.  Her advocacy against not only Israel, but Judaism and Christianity alike makes her a religious extremist as well as a propagandist.  Those who remain around her must be aware that her religion does not seek to empower women but to place them as idle property, the very concept that early feminists fought so hard against.

The liberals and extremists that are becoming professional protesters have been relentlessly pursuing radical notions of change.  They scream and demand things while contributing no solutions other than by increasing taxes or opening the borders.

The protesters here just shouted and complained loudly in the halls where laws are supposed to be made. This is their attempt to reason as they simply want mob rule to win the day. Thirty-six were arrested for disrupting Congress although hundreds were there.

As the days of the Trump presidency continue to rage forward and the unending triggering of liberals has resulted in them simply just screaming loudly in annoying places, it seems clear which side is winning.