Biden Terrorist Threats

PUBLISHED: 5:44 PM 1 Nov 2021

Terror Warning Issued for VA Malls Thanks To Biden’s Afghan Infusion

Biden imported terrorists… now there are terrorist threats to Americans.

The regime is happy to have terrorists here, because it enables more police state control. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Thanks to the Biden regime’s importation of afghan terrorists, there are now terrorist warnings being issued for malls in Virginia.

Citizen Free Press reported:

Police in Northern Virginia are increasing their presence around shopping malls and high-volume roads and transit areas in response to a purported threat from ISIS.

A law enforcement source told CBS News the recent threat against a mall in Northern Virginia this Halloween weekend originated from ISIS. It is the basis for a law enforcement-sensitive alert that was issued.

Chief Kevin Davis said he learned of the threat through regional intelligence partners in the last 24 hours. While he wouldn’t describe it in detail, Davis said his department is responding in-kind.

Posobiec confirms the threat is related to Afghan refugees.