Vienna Terror Attack

PUBLISHED: 4:29 PM 3 Nov 2020

Terror Attack In Austria: Killer Was Convicted Sympathizer Released “Early”

The target was apparently anyone, but the attack was centered around a Jewish place of worship.

Just horrible! (Source: Youtube Video Screenshot)

The enemy knows who his enemy is.

On Monday, a gang of armed terrorists killed four people near a Jewish Synagogue in Austria.

One of the men involved was a previously convicted criminal who was released early because of his “juvenile” status.

Zero Hedge reported:

Now that the dust has cleared, police in Vienna have finally had some time to piece together more details from Monday’s brutal attack in the Central European city. Vienna is a European cultural powerhouse, but it has seen far fewer terror attacks over the last 20 years than many of its neighbors.

But on Monday night, a gang of assailants struck at six areas in downtown Vienna, attacking pedestrians and police.

Overnight, the number killed in the attack swelled to 5, 4 victims, and 1 assailant, while 17 others were wounded in the shooting.

The dead attacker was identified as a 20-year-old Austrian-North Macedonian dual national who had one prior terror conviction. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer confirmed that the prior conviction was for membership in a terrorist organization. The attacker who was killed, whose name was Kujtim Fejzulai, was sentenced to 22 months in prison in April 2019 because he had tried to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State, though he was granted early release under juvenile law.

At least one other attacker is believed to be on the run, Nehammer said. The terrorist who was shot in killed was wearing what authorities initially believed to be an explosive vest, though it “turned out to be a dummy”.

His apartment was raided in the night, authorities said. Though there were reports on Monday about a gang of attackers striking at six separate locations, it’s currently unclear exactly how many participated in last night’s attack. The FT and AP reported that it isn’t clear whether Fejzulai, a known ISIS member, was acting alone.

The victims included two men and two women. 7 others are in life-threatening condition from gunshot wounds and cuts. During comments made early Tuesday morning in Vienna, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz affirmed that the incident was “clearly an Islamic terror attack.”

“It was an attack out of hatred for our fundamental values, hatred for our way of life, hatred for our democracy in which all people have equal rights and dignity.”

Authorities still couldn’t say whether more attackers might be on the run. Workers were asked to stay home if possible on Tuesday, and children were dismissed from school until further notice. The city’s public transit was closed.

Some 1,000 officers were on duty to help with the investigation while the army was brought in to guard soft targets across the city.

The shooting started at around 2000 local time as people headed downtown to enjoy one last drink before new coronavirus lockdown measures came into effect. The assailant who was killed was shot at around 2010, according to Vienna police chief Gerhard Puerstl.

Kurz’s government ordered three days of official mourning, with flags to be flown at half-mast. A minute of silence was held at noon on Tuesday.

Thousands of videos purporting to show the incident were uploaded to social media last night, authorities said, including the video below, purporting to show the moment a terrorist was captured.

#viyana #Vienna #ViennaAttack Moment of capture of terrorists.

— Zengin Global (@zenginglobal) November 3, 2020

The video below was among the earliest to hit social media after news of the attacks broke.

Scenes from of the #ViennaAttack.

— Tarek Fatah (@TarekFatah) November 3, 2020

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The attack comes as France has been hit particularly hard, with at least two incidents where victims were ‘decapitated’ by attackers armed with knives last month. President Emmanuel Macron publicly defended the right for secularists to publish cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammad. Several Muslim world leaders have attacked Macron for his defense of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. A class on freedom of expression featuring the cartoons allegedly motivated a young Islamic extremist to murder French teacher Samuel Paty.

Leaders from around the world offered their condolences to Austria, and condemned all violence tied to radical Islamist extremists.

The New York Post added:

The dead attacker who killed four people and wounded 17 others in Vienna was described Tuesday as a 20-year-old ISIS sympathizer with dual Austrian-North Macedonian citizenship who had a previous terror conviction, according to reports.

Two men and two women were “killed in cold blood” Monday night, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said during a televised speech in which he announced a nationwide minute of silence in memory of the victims, CNN reported.

“It is now confirmed that yesterday’s attack was clearly an Islamist terror attack,” Kurz said. “It was an attack out of hatred — hatred for our fundamental values, hatred for our way of life, hatred for our democracy in which all people have equal rights and dignity.”

The assailant — identified as Kujtim Fejzulai — was sentenced to 22 months in prison in April 2019 because he had tried to travel to Syria to join ISIS. He was granted early release in December under juvenile law.

He “was equipped with a fake explosive vest and an automatic rifle, a handgun and a machete to carry out this repugnant attack on innocent citizens,” Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told Austrian news agency APA.

Fifteen houses have been searched and several people have been arrested, Nehammer said.

Authorities were still trying to determine whether additional attackers may be on the run as residents in the capital were urged to stay at home if possible on Tuesday.

Health officials said seven people among the 17 injured were in life-threatening condition Tuesday. One of those wounded is a 28-year-old police officer who is expected to survive, Nehammer said.

The shooting began about 8 p.m. Monday near the city’s main synagogue as many people were enjoying a last night of open restaurants and bars before a month-long coronavirus lockdown, which started at midnight.

Police chief Gerhard Puerstl said the assailant was killed at 8:09 p.m.

Video posted on social media showed a man walking through the streets, apparently shooting at people at random. It was unclear whether the man seen shooting was the same person in each video.

Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister said he saw at least one person shoot at people sitting outside at bars near the synagogue.

“They were shooting at least 100 rounds just outside our building,” Hofmeister said. “All these bars have tables outside. This evening is the last evening before the lockdown.”

President Trump tweeted Monday night as he prepared for his final rally before Election Day: “Our prayers are with the people of Vienna after yet another vile act of terrorism in Europe.”

“These evil attacks against innocent people must stop,” he added. “The U.S. stands with Austria, France, and all of Europe in the fight against terrorists, including radical Islamic terrorists.”