Teen Carjacker Doesn’t Learn Lesson

PUBLISHED: 12:48 AM 8 Feb 2018

Teens Carjacking Marshal Caught On Tape, Another Car Theft Follows

The teen did not learn his lesson but he had the chance to reoffend and did.

Police knew the risk yet they left the criminals go anyhow.

Rock musician Nikki Sixx is famous for recounting how, while addicted to heroin, he once overdosed and after the hospital saved his life, he went home and shot up. That, most people assumed, was stress combined with addiction, and that no one who wasn’t so addicted would never be so foolish.

Well, they are.

This is confirmed as the Maven writes that a teen tried to carjack a Texas Marshal in Chicago and sustained a “whoopin‘” before resisting arrest. Believe it or not, even though this happened only Friday, the same thug was “found with a gun and another stolen vehicle less than 48 hours later.

There is clearly something wrong with a justice system that lets out a carjacker in mere days anyhow, apart from this criminal’s lack of intelligence.

WBBM News reports that the “retired Chicago police officer Ricky Fobbs, 54, served 20 years with the police department” prior to becoming a marshal. It should have been clear to the culprit that he did a very poor job of choosing victims. Perhaps he thought that he would never be that unlucky twice.

Marshal Fobbs and his girlfriend, Sherry Randle, were preparing to check into a hotel and were unloading luggage from the vehicle last Friday. WGN News says that the teen “slipped into” the driver’s seat and began to drive away.

My reaction was, ‘I gotta stop him,” said the now burgled lawman. Somehow, he managed to “chase the car down” and to pull the 15-year-old out who was too foolish to have even locked the door on the car that he just stole.

When he reached once for his pocket, I grabbed his hand and did a wrist-lock on his hand,” admitted Fobbs. “A lot of grappling, take-down moves to keep him from squirming and from resisting.”

As he battled the teen, those with him tried to run the officer down, making matters much worse. Those nearby rushed to help the officer while others positioned their cars in such a way as to make escape impossible. Even a man in a wheelchair worked to block the path of the criminals!

A video was taken by one onlooker who showed how Fobbs was restraining the unruly teen. “You see the citizen’s holding the guy’s leg,” observed Randle as she addressed how everyone worked to help in the situation.

The children, aged 14, 15, and 17, were released to their parents in a move that proved to be quite ill-conceived. Why any police force would not jail anyone without bail for the crimes of “felony counts of unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, vehicular hijacking, and attempted aggravated battery using a deadly weapon” is simply a sign of how foolish our system really is. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, however, that is precisely what happened.

They even tell us that the “14- and 15-year-old faced an additional charge of aggravated battery in a public place, while the 15-year-old received one other count of unlawful vehicular invasion.” Still….somehow…they were let out in less than a week.

If that were not enough to infuriate anyone, a stolen car was in use when they were trying to steal the vehicle from Fobbs.

Well, one of the thugs were arrested in a stolen car with a gun on Sunday, only two days after the “whoopin‘” from the marshal.

As we see how the Windy City is leading the charge in needless deaths, perhaps the problem is not the rap music, the awful public education system, or the poverty. Maybe the real cause is that the city does not have enough sense to lock up someone when they pose a real danger to society.

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