Teen WiFi Break In

PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 27 Jul 2018

Teen Breaks Into Home And Demands WiFi Password

He is thought to have stolen a bike, and two knives were said to missing from the kitchen.

Running out of data pushed one teen over the edge.

For some people, the frustration of being without the internet can be as aggravating, and especially for some social media addicted teens. In Palo Alto, California, that aggravation became too much, and it drove one seventeen-year-old, who ran out of phone data, to break into his neighbor’s home as they slept to demand their Wi-Fi password, CBS 13 Sacramento has confirmed.

The male victim got out of bed, confronted the suspect, and pushed him down the hallway and out the front door of the house before calling the police. No one was injured,” said a news release from the Pal Alto police. The scary part is that the couple, both said to be in their 60’s, reported that two of their knives from the kitchen were missing. According to reports, the crime spree was prompted by running out of data and the suspect is lucky that the homeowner did not panic, injure him, or that is is not dead after the stunt.

Would someone be willing to kill over an internet password? Police are unsure because the suspect had no weapons on him when he was arrested, but it seems unlikely that the couple would make up the theft.

Authorities do know that the crime began a day prior, on June 21. On that day, police believe that it was the same teen who had arrived at the window of a home to ask a lady for her password. It was reported that the woman “and another teen” commanded the boy to go away, which he did by taking off on one of their bikes!

That stolen bike was found very close to where the 17-year-old was “stopped by police.” The department’s release confirmed that “officers returned the bicycle to the victim and are recommending that the District Attorney’s Office [sic] add a charge of misdemeanor petty theft against the suspect.”

The unnamed (due to his age) suspect was arrested and taken to the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall. He is “facing a felony charge of burglary” and ” prowling and providing false information to an officer.” The latter two charges are both misdemeanors.

So is this a case of video game and/or internet addiction? Was the suspect trying to contact someone or otherwise obsessed? That remains to be seen.

For example, if this young man felt so driven to be on the internet that he would do all of this, the reason could be some kind of obsession, and that could prove dangerous to the object of that obsession.

Then again, maybe he is just a selfish person with no self-control.

In any event, racking up a felony charge right before voting age over an internet password (when he could have gone to virtually any McDonald’s or library parking lot for a free signal) isn’t exactly the hallmark of a great thinker.