Cruz Saved America

PUBLISHED: 6:47 PM 13 Aug 2021

Ted Cruz Just Saved America While Everyone Slept: Schumer’s Sneak Federal Election Takeover

Thank you, sir… we have the republic a little longer.

This takeover was planned... but fortunately stopped. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Last night, while Americans slept, enemies of the Republic were attempting to destroy it. But, thanks to one man, their plot failed. Think I’m exaggerating? In the dead of night, when evil usually like to wield its cunning, Schumer tried to pass a bill that would allow all elections to be stolen. Cruz stopped it.

Citizen Free Press reported:

Chuck Schumer brought HR1 – SR 1 to the floor around 3:30 a.m. after the Senate had concluded 15 hours of amendment votes on a $3.5 trillion budget resolution. In the dead of night, Schumer sought to pass the federal overhaul of elections by unanimous consent, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Only one objection by a senator was required to stop the process. In a roughly 15-minute back-and-forth, Cruz tanked Schumer’s attempt to force the election bill through the Senate.

“This bill would constitute a federal government takeover of elections. It would constitute a massive power grab by Democrats. It would disenfranchise millions of Americans and it would do precisely the opposite of its nominal title, ‘For The People.’ It is, instead, for the politicians because it entrenches politicians and ensures that the people cannot vote them out of office. It would strike down virtually every reasonable voter integrity law in the country, including voter I.D. laws supported by the overwhelming majority of this country, including prohibitions on ballot harvesting, again widely supported by people in this country. It would mandate that felons be allowed to vote, and it would automatically register millions of illegal aliens to vote. It would profoundly undermine democracy in this country, and for that reason I object.”