Lawmakers Get Package From North Korea

PUBLISHED: 6:23 PM 16 Feb 2018

Ted Cruz Gets Mysterious Package From NK After Standing For Korean Freedom

North Koreans send Cruz and others silk portraits for defending freedom.

Ted Cruz got a gift for defending Korean freedom.

Not long after three Republican Congressman stood in support of the North Korean defector at the State of the Union address, the lawmakers received a mysterious package from North Korea.

The North Korea Freedom Coalition sent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Reps. Ed Royce and Chris Smith an elaborate silk portrait of themselves made from a needle and a knife.

Suzanne Scholte, the chairman of the organization, said the Korean people worked tirelessly in the night to make the portraits for the three GOP lawmakers “who have continuously lobbied for the freedom of the Korean people.”

“My (people) and I spent three months making them late into the night. Please send them to the politicians. Please tell them that there are some people in a dark place who still have hope because of South Korea and the U.S,” a note said that was sent to each lawmaker with their portraits.

A collage of all the three portraits can be viewed below:

An unidentified group of North Koreans risked their lives to create these portraits and smuggle them out of the regime and to the United States.

Risking their lives from Kim Jong Un’s brutal dictatorship, these Koreans wanted to thank the three GOP lawmakers for their efforts to bring peace to the North Korea regime.

With tensions mounting over Kim threatening to attack the U.S, Cruz, Royce and Smith have been working to ensure the innocent people of Korea are considered moving forward.

Thank goodness brave men like these are standing up to Kim’s regime and standing against the evil regime and for the innocent Korean people.

While former President Barack Obama sat idle for eight years and allowed Kim to bolster his nuclear arsenal and torture his citizens, lawmakers like these three have been working to ensure we help them.

Source: WND