Russian Birds Take On Drones

PUBLISHED: 12:30 AM 2 Feb 2018

Technology Of The Past Meets Future, Russia Using Birds Of Prey To Take Down Drones

This is how Vladimir Putin is protecting his headquarters.

Putin's new secret weapon is quite effective.

Vladimir Putin is a very dangerous individual, one of the least trusted world leaders this side of Kim Jong-un. He hacked the DNC, often provokes the U.S. with his nation’s fighter jets, and even buzzes American warships, an act which could easily spark WW3. However, the Russian leader is also monstrously intelligent, as seen in the way that Russia is combating the threat posed by drones.

If anyone doubts this even for a nanosecond, the Sun is reporting that Russia “has specially trained birds of prey guarding his Kremlin HQ from drones.” That’s correct, raptors are taking to the Russian skies and the simplicity of this solution is almost comical.

Usually, such birds are used in the former Soviet Union to get rid of “pesky crows,” but it seems that Mr. Putin has changed the pecking order a bit.

Trained falcons are being employed to halt drones, an action that makes being a spy or an ISIS terrorist much harder. Russia has even learned that raptor type birds are better at detecting some drones after training than hawks are, so this wasn’t just a backyard hobby for the Russian leader.

RIA Novosti quotes a source who admitted, “There is already such an experience of use in Europe, but you need to understand that the female hawk weighs about 1.2-1.4 kilograms, the weight is not very big.Therefore it will be difficult for her to intercept even small drones.

Lest anyone think that these birds are the Kremlin’s only defense, it is noted that other “anti-drone” technologies are being employed, but the raptors so far have performed toe to toe (claw to claw) with most of them.

One technology that may beat these mighty birds is “an electromagnetic gun with a range of more than a mile.” Russia was said to have a powerful “death ray” what, while sounding like a 007 weapon, also proved successful.

While Falcons won’t do much to stop tiny bug drones which are already said to be in use, those drones cannot bomb anyone, so the employment of these birds will remain vital.

Russia has, only a few years ago, resorted to typewriters for sensitive documents following what was disclosed by Edward Snowden. They are really adept at thinking in simple terms to solve complex problems.

Now it just remains to be seen if they can find a way to stay out of U.S. airspace.

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