Machine Sabotage Witnessed

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 18 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 7:10 PM 18 Nov 2018

Technicians Observe Voting Machine ‘Sabotage’

One saw a worker jam a paper clip into the machine, causing a short circuit.

Sabotage of Palm Beach County counting machines was witnessed.

Last week, a team of technicians were flown in to “fix Palm Beach County’s tallying machines.” However, the media basically blacked out the fact that one  technician “witnessed an election worker jamming a paper clip into one of the vote-counting machines in order to slow it down.”

“That, in turn, caused a short circuit.”

“its technicians had witnessed Palm Beach County elections workers, apparently worried that one of the machines was running too fast, jam a paper clip into the scanner’s ‘enter’ button in an effort to slow it down. That, in turn, caused a short circuit”

Now, why was that very important information buried?

“Nearly 3,000 votes effectively disappeared during the machine recount of Florida’s midterm races, according to election records,” the New York Times reported.

Further down the ‘report,’ was the revelation that about 80,000 votes were miraculously found, “in part due to illegally altered mail-in ballots.”

Those bogus “new” votes naturally favored Democrat Senator Bill Nelson.

Broward Supervisor of Elections, democrat Brenda Snipes, however, isn’t the only person suspected of election rigging.

Palm Beach County found “dozens of precincts missing a significant number of votes during the machine recount, according to the supervisor of elections, Susan Bucher, causing the county to conclude that entire boxes of ballots may not have been counted.”

Susan Bucher is also a Democrat with a long history of partisan game-playing and voter suppression of Republicans.

“Game over,” Rotella told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto. “Senator Nelson needs an intervention. He’s done. He’s had a long career [with few accomplishments]. I think he should look into something [like the] Hall of Presidents. He’s kind of robotic, so he could be the front guest show host for that.”

Many people agree.