Mass ‘Democracy’ Email

PUBLISHED: 5:29 PM 26 Oct 2020

Tech CEO Emails 10 Million Customers Telling Them A Vote “Against” Biden Is Against “Democracy”

Incidentally, this is true… because democracy is mob rule, such as exists in Venezuela, and oppresses the people while fueling slavery.

What?! (Source: Montgomery Summit YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, tech giants are horrified that Donald Trump is on par to blow away the democrat candidate at the polls, so at least one CEO has emailed 10 million customers telling them how to vote.

Just The News reported:

David Barrett, the CEO for the financial and expense management company Expensify, emailed 10 million of his customers this week to urge them to vote for Joe Biden, telling them that refusing to cast a ballot for the Democratic candidate is tantamount to voting “against democracy.”

Expensify customers began posting copies of the email on social media earlier this week. “You know what to do: Show up on November 3rd and vote for Biden,” Barrett writes in the letter, claiming also that Trump is working to suppress the vote and that the election itself is “about the very foundation of our nation.”

Wow. Just received an extraordinary email from @expensify CEO @dbarrett. I can’t remember ever seeing anything even remotely close to it.— Rick Klau (@rklau) October 22, 2020

Barrett told CBS MoneyWatch this week that his company is “trying to do what we can to support and defend democracy against voter suppression.”

“It wasn’t done as a business calculation,” he added. “But in the end, I think it’ll be good for business.”

Of course he thinks it will be “good for business” if Biden gets elected…