Active Shooter Drills Underway

PUBLISHED: 9:31 PM 5 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 9:41 PM 5 Mar 2018

Teachers Training To Take On Active Shooters with Pepper Spray, Bare Hands

New Mexico teachers are taking courses to defend themselves against an active shooter.

Teachers are learning how to defend themselves.

New Mexico teachers are literally taking matters into their own hands to thwart an active shooter.

Given the liberal state prohibits armed guards at schools, there has been a dramatic uptick in teachers training to use their bare hands, pepper spray, and strobe lights.

Following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last month, teachers said they wanted to ensure they can take down an active shooter.

Democrats and far-left groups have exploited the deaths of 17 students at the Florida high school to advance their calls for gun control.

By weaponizing students to call for sweeping gun restrictions, liberals are doing their best to erode as much of the Second Amendment (Which ensures all of the others rights) as possible.

But teachers from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho in New Mexico aren’t concerned with politics and have joined forces to host self-defense workshops.

The group of teachers is receiving training on how to defend themselves against potential attacks by using hand-to-hand combat, pepper spray, and a strobe light device.

One of the devices, the Tiger Light Defense Alert Device, allows teachers to use several different self-defense options against an attacker.

“I can spray them I can hit them, there is a lot I can do with it,” said Assistant Principal Deb Moya.

The device contains a pepper spray bottle and a bright strobe light — both of which are aimed at distracting and/or blinding the attacker.

As many teachers have endorsed the device, the Albuquerque Public School policy currently prohibits teachers from carrying pepper spray on school grounds.

The training program is taking place at a studio by Rio Rancho teacher Christina Daly, who said she is trying to replace teachers’ fear with confidence.

“I was literally afraid to go to work and I was having nightmares,” Daly said. “I was afraid for my students because I want to be able to protect them.”

Rio Rancho police officer Gloria Marcott is also one of the instructors, who is training teachers on punching, jabbing, choke-holds, and other self-defense mechanisms.

“We’ve gotta get from thinking I’m going to be OK to knowing I’m going to be OK,” Marcott told the teachers during an event this past weekend.

A group called 3D Security Training Solutions said it would donate firearms and ammunition to the teachers who can legally carry a firearm.

While liberals want to make everyone completely defenseless, these teachers are learning hand-to-hand combat and how to use pepper spray against a potential attacker.

Source: Breitbart