PUBLISHED: 7:55 PM 11 Jul 2017

“Tax The Rich” Becomes Reality As Liberal City Targets Wealthy Citizens


Don’t let the posters fool you. Washington State Republican Party chair Susan Hutchison, center, vehemently opposes Seattle’s new tax policy. She’s promised to fight it if it’s successfully implemented.

Seattle liberals just voted to warp state tax laws in a blatant attempt punish rich people. The city’s wealthiest residents are at risk of becoming the only people in the state to pay an income tax.

The ambitious measure was passed unanimously by the Seattle city council. Liberals clutching anti-capitalism signs were thickly present during the vote.

Seattle should serve everyone, not just rich folks,” software developer Carissa Knipe told the council after explaining that she earns more than $170,000 per year. “I would love to be taxed.”

If Knipe is itching to give more of her money to the state there are ways to accomplish her goal without rewriting years worth of tax codes.

Washington is one of seven states in America that doesn’t collect an income tax. Experts believe that the council’s decision will immediately be challenged in court.


Carrying signs with catchy slogans is easy; affecting real change is difficult. Which do you think most liberals prefer to do?

There are three key legal barriers…The state constitution says taxes must be uniform within a class of property; a 1984 state law bars cities from taxing net income; and cities must have state authority to enact taxes,” Jason Mercier, director of the Center for Government Reform at the Washington Policy Center, told the Seattle Times.

City lawyers tauntingly told reporters that they’re looking forward to the fight. Democrats don’t have any recent successes to fall on back on so the party has resorted to challenging President Trump’s every order. They’re the “resistance” party now.

Mercier writes in an article posted to the Washington Policy Center’s website: “Undaunted, Seattle council members are intent on passing an income tax in hopes of being sued. They think they can get today’s state supreme court to do something statewide voters have rejected nine times – allow an income tax. Why does it matter if Seattle’s proposed income tax somehow is found legal? 1) The only way Seattle can have a city income tax is for one to be allowed across the state; and 2) Though always sold as a targeted tax on the rich, income tax rates inevitably grow over time.”

In other words, a tax that starts out “just for the rich” is unlikely to remain that way. Greedy politicians will soon start trying to suck up every dollar that they can. Historically, taxes grow larger over time.


Seattle residents eagerly attend town halls. The city is one of the few remaining liberal strongholds. Their intention to tax the rich is what Democrats have been angling for decades.

The state’s Republicans expressed extreme displeasure at the council’s decision. One of the state’s advantages is its lack of an income tax. Businesses will be less inclined to incorporate in Washington if the liberals get their way.

Washington’s lack of an income tax is one of the state’s main recruiting advantages over California. Enacting an income tax in Seattle would lead to fewer jobs,” said former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Liberals constantly want to cure social ills by reorganizing wealth. They’re eternal Robin Hoods.

“We have an increasing affordability gap between the have and have nots. The middle class is being squeezed as well. And one of the reasons is our outdated, regressive and unfair tax structure,” said Council member Lisa Herbold, who co-sponsored the controversial policy.”This is a big step forward in Seattle but it’s also hopefully a big step forward for our state.”

It would be more accurate to call the measure a step backward. Where will it end? If Washington state agrees to implement an income tax the potential consequences could be severe.


Fringe leftists in Seattle are overjoyed that their plan worked. They’re finally going to be able to punish rich people for their success.

We are greatly disappointed,” Washington Policy Center’s president, Dann Mead Smith, said in a statement. “As a lifelong Seattle resident, it is frustrating to see the Seattle City Council choose to waste taxpayer dollars on lawsuits for an income tax that is not needed.”

Frustrating indeed. The suffering won’t be limited to the wealthy. All residents will likely feel negative effects following the tax’s adoption.