PUBLISHED: 7:19 PM 20 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 11:52 PM 20 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Tax Bill Eliminates Eight Years Of Obama BILLIONS As Illegal Alien Activists Fume

Billions are paid to illegal aliens annually from the IRS, many of whom have no tax burden, they get $thousands even though they never paid federal taxes.

Billions are paid to illegal aliens annually from the IRS, many of whom have no tax burden, each getting back thousands of dollars even though they never paid a dime federal taxes.

The United States government has been sending billions to illegal immigrants each tax season under Obama, the new tax plan will cut at least some of those funds from getting into the hands of illegals. Under the former tax code, the Additional Child Tax Credit(ACTC), was paid out to illegals whose children did not have a Social Security Number(SSN). Many illegal aliens with no tax burden, no taxes owed all year, received thousands claiming their illegal children under the ACTC.

The new tax code requires children being claimed to have a valid SSN, however the adult claiming the child can use an Individual Tax Identification Number(ITIN). This is expected to save around $3.9 billion annually. That means the United States government has been shelling out billions each tax season to illegal aliens and their illegal children. Why should their parents qualify with an ITIN? Illegal aliens should have no incentive to stay.

A non-refundable tax credit of $500 is in place in the new tax bill for illegal aliens with children who have no social security number. This will offer a discount on taxes only to illegal aliens who have paid into the system and if their burden does not reach the threshold of $500 they will not receive the excess in payment from the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).

According to the Federation of American Immigration Reform, illegal immigrants in the United States are a net loss to the tune of $116 billion.

This policy will not affect the tax season on the horizon, however it will save the country billions on the following one come 2019. While this is a step in the right direction, it only decreases our governments policy of fiscally incentivizing illegals to invade our country. Provisions should have been made in the code which would cease all payments to illegals in the United States, even tax refunds, until their $116 billion per year drain on the economy dissolves to zero.

Another issue prompting illegals to stay is their “anchor babies.” Children in America born to illegal alien parents are granted automatic citizenship. This is an absurd practice and allows for children of foreign nationals to gain SSNs. The United States and Canada are the only two developed countries in the world that have unrestricted birthright citizenship. This policy robs the founding stock of countries and contributes nothing of value to America.

Birthright citizenship has also allowed for massive numbers of people in America to hold dual citizenship. Those with dual citizenship are often more loyal to their homelands, where they have a primary interest. Their interest is derived from the fact that those nations are where their people are and it’s the land their ancestors fought and died for. Nonetheless they are allowed to vote in our elections and influence our policies in ways that are not necessarily in the interest of Americans.

The tax code does not address the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Illegal aliens in colleges, most of which are publicly funded, will be able to apply for this credit, part of which is refundable. So illegal aliens, many who received K-12 education at the expense of American children, who are now attending colleges heavily subsidized by American tax-payers, will be eligible for this $2500 credit courtesy of the American tax-payers.

One solution to this issue would be to have refunds for illegals to be picked up in person at local Social Security offices. Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) agents could staff the offices and wait for the illegal aliens to come pick up the checks. Instead of picking up the checks ICE could pick up the illegal and send them out. This could serve two purposes, getting illegals out of the country and lowering our deficit, if only marginally.

There should be no incentive for foreign nationals to break into our country. The fact the IRS has been sending checks to illegal aliens is a blatant act of disrespect and disregard for the will of the American people. American families have been robbed of their income and the country is being fleeced of its wealth by those whose primary interest lie outside of our borders. There is no doubt the new tax code is a boon to the middle class and will contribute to growth of our economy, however more could have been written in to combat the wave of invaders pillaging our nation.