PUBLISHED: 4:36 PM 11 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 4:50 PM 11 Jan 2018

Task Force For Obama “Hezbollah Financing” Underway As Nervous Liberals Claim ‘Figment’

Did Obama do all that he could about Hezbollah? The Justice Department is questioning it.

Did Obama do all that he could about Hezbollah? The Justice Department is questioning it.

For a long time now, those paying attention to the news have wondered why Obama funded so many groups that are now pointing weapons at us. Obama and those who worked with him said that groups appeared loyal to the U.S. and that the administration could never have predicted their betrayal or defeat. However, facts today from the Justice Department call that explanation into question.

Fox News has reported that the DOJ “is creating a task force to take a fresh look at drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations linked to Hezbollah.” This follows “an investigative report” that was conducted which “claimed that the Obama administration turned a blind eye to such activities to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.” Obama officials have said that the claims are “a figment of the imagination of two very flawed sources.”

However, to some pundits, this information means that there is ample reason to suspect that Obama was funding these butchers on purpose!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (pictured) was outraged by what was published in Politico.

The task for set up is being called “the Hezbollah Financing and Narcoterrorism Team (HFNT).” It will be “reviewing investigations stemming from Project Cassandra, a campaign led by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) targeting” of the hateful Lebanese terror outfit.

Politico confirms that “officials with the Obama Justice and Treasury Departments” often put off or declined “requests by Project Cassandra leaders” to take the proper actions needed to be prudent in this matter. Terrorists were benefitting from the deal and virtually nothing was being done by the existing White House to do anything about it.

If anything, this abuse may have been actively endorsed.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanded a review of Project Cassandra almost as soon as Politico published the article. “The Justice Department will leave no stone unturned in order to eliminate threats to our citizens from terrorist organizations and to stem the tide of the devastating drug crisis,” he said.

Hezbollah, a terrorist group, seemed to flourish in some ways while Obama was in office.

We are reminded that Hezbollah is a terrorist group that was created to stifle the nation of Israel.

Still, there are naysayers, too. “There are many reasonable critiques of Obama’s foreign policy,” opined former Obama National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor via a tweet. “The idea that he was soft on Hezbollah is not one of them.

While that may be his opinion, it seems the Department of Justice is not just going to take his word for it.

Sources: Fox News – Politico