Taliban Kills 100 In Bombing

PUBLISHED: 2:01 AM 30 Jan 2018

Taliban Takes Credit For 100 Dead In Latest Attack

The terrorist group is striking hard all over.

The Taliban struck most recently in the city of Kabul.

On Saturday, the Afghan capital of Kabul suffered another horrible moment after a deadly bombing killed 100 innocent people. Soon after this unspeakable moment, the main goal of this devastating operation was revealed.

According to a Taliban spokesman, the reason why this terrorist group decided to make this move was simply to send a clear message to U.S. President Donald Trump and his “hand kissers” allies. Naturally, while everyone agrees that this wasn’t exactly a peaceful sign, the United Nations and the media are shifting blame.

As many outlets reported over the weekend, everything started when a Taliban fighter decided to detonate an ambulance filled with explosives in the city of Kabul, injuring at least 235 people and killing over a hundred.

Apparently, this has already become the worst attack on the Afghan capital in several months, not only because of the numbers of people killed and injured but also because of the location where the terrorism took place.

As reported by Reuters, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid explained that this attack was nothing more than a response to the Trump administration’s decision to doubling down on its Afghan strategy.

As everyone knows, President Trump sent additional troops to Afghanistan in order to successfully eliminate the radical Islamic terrorists operating in the region. If his administration manages to meet this goal, it could represent a turning point in the Middle East conflict.

Apparently, the president is quite aggressive on this matter, considering that in addition to more troops, his administration also sent aid Afghan security forces and even approved to conduct frequent air strikes.

According to Mujahid, the “Islamic Emirate” has a very clear message for the U.S. president and for what he described as his “hand kissers.” Mujahid claimed that he can’t expect Afghans to “grow flowers in response” if he goes ahead with what he described as a “policy of aggression.”

Naturally, this was a pretty clever way of responding to President Trump and to justify the Taliban’s’ unspeakable act against the innocent people. Basically, it was the cynical strategy of playing the victim card and exploiting the anti-American sentiment.

On one hand, Mujahid exploited the anti-American stance by portraying President Trump and his allies as if they were the main reason why the country is experiencing a living hell almost every single day.

On the other hand, the spokesman was trying to make the argument that far from being one of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world, the Taliban are actually a group of people that are only reacting to a certain injustice.

The tragic bombing that took place on Saturday comes on the heels of two other horrible terrorist attacks, orchestrated by the Islamic State and the Taliban. Lamentably, these Jihadis organizations are now working together on this area.

Last weekend, Taliban gunmen raided the Intercontinental Hotel in the Afghan capital, killing 22 innocent people. Soon after that attack, several gunmen from the Islamic State and a bunch of suicide bombers set off a car bomb outside a children’s charity.

What seemed to be the most horrible detail of these unspeakable acts is the fact that both attacks resulted in deadly shootouts with local police that lasted for several hours. Naturally, this security force is not enough to fight against both terrorist groups.

As reported by Reuters, the most recent terrorist attack is the deadliest since both the Islamic State and the Taliban detonated a truck bomb in Kabul last May, killing 150 people and wounding hundreds.

On Saturday evening, President Trump warned on Twitter that the Taliban will not be the victorious party in this terrible fight. After pointing out what happened in Kabul and praising the “brave police” of this country, the president sent thoughts and prayers to the victims and first responders. In addition, he claimed his administration will not allow the Taliban to win the fight.

After that, the president called for “decisive action” against the Taliban in the region. In the wake of Saturday’s massacre, he said in a statement that all countries should take these decisive actions against the terrorist organization and the infrastructure that supports them.

In addition to condemning the car bombing attack in the Afghan capital, the president said that this horrible case renews “our resolve and that of our Afghan partners.” Also, he said that America is fully committed to a secure Afghanistan that is free from Islamic terrorists.

A day after the terrorist attack, Afghanistan declared a day of mourning, and the Afghan people were given today off to spend time with and care for their families. Lamentably, these kinds of situations are not exactly something new for these people, who have experienced the most horrible consequences of war for several years now.

According to Afghan security forces, the country should get ready for future terrorist attacks, which are expected considering the rising tensions. Unfortunately, the end of this war seems really far.