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Paul Joseph Watson: Real Reason For Mass Shootings

Paul Watson nailed it! These shootings are not because of Trump, they are solely and uniquely the product of a ‘progressive’ society that blames all young white men for every evil in the world, and promotes a distant, nihilistic existence that glamorizes brief fame. These two extremists were brainwashed weirdos, and while liberals rush to blame Trump, where are the people who are blaming Warren for the Ohio massacre?

Paul Watson Exposes Paris Invasion: ‘Trump Was Right’

If you’ve seen Paul Joseph Watson commentary videos before, you know how brutally accurate his videos are and how powerful the message. This latest look at Paris shows the total migrant invasion of the City of Lights. The culture is gone. The safety is gone. Both have been taken over by a socialist attitude that prohibits recognizing the truth of the destructive, savage Muslim culture. Paris has truly become a ‘shit*ole.’

Paul Joseph Watson Nails it: Left Doesn’t Care About Children, Just Border

Warning: Language. In his customary, no-holds barred fashion, Watson nails the fact that this child migrant ‘crisis’ is a complete and total deception, designed but the left to push the dearly-loved agenda concerning illegal aliens and the ultimate destruction of liberty. His bald recitation of the facts show just how diabolical this fabricated situation is, and how the liberal media is part of the plan. We now know that the ‘child crying’ story, featured on the cover of Time Magazine is completely bogus. She was never taken from her mother by Border agents, but she was kidnapped by her mother who paid a coyote $6,000.