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Milwaukee Waitress Forced To Defend Manager From Violent Patron

At a Milwaukee George Webb Restaurant, a quick thinking waitress possibly saved the life of her manager and herself when a violent criminal went into the kitchen and savagely attacked. Apparently, the man was violent toward the waitress, so he was asked to leave. But, in today’s selfie society, his thwarted desires quickly turned into a desire to harm others. Thankfully, the waitress was a concealed carry holder and stopped the man at gun point. Police are still looking for the criminal. Posters have argued that she should have shot when she had the chance. However, other people have wondered if this man is one of the many ‘refugees’ offered asylum under Obama.

Police: Father Waiting On Son’s Soccer Practice Brutally Beaten

Warning: Violent Images. When you stomp someone in the head, that is an intent to kill! The four thugs approached the father, who was waiting to pick up his son from soccer practice, and proceed to beat him violently, so they could steal his car. The men have been arrested, but the point here is what liberal control does to a community. It becomes jungle-rule. These criminals saw something they wanted, and decided to take it, regardless to life or respect of property.