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Biden Asked About C-Span Behavior

We’ve all seen the footage: Creepy ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden acting, at minimum, like a weirdo, and at worst, like a predator freak who can’t stop trying to grope children. But, until now, no one has called him out about it. That changed recently when at a speaking engagement, Biden was asked about the “girls he molested” during the C-Span swearing in. Brainwashed liberal zombies make his response too difficult to hear, but at least PGHowie2 had the guts to call him on it.

Joe Biden Says Detroit Females Are Women From The Hood

He’s talking about being ‘elitist!’ Not only does this one-minute clip hilariously show how idiotic Biden is, it highlights the extreme difference between career politicians and ‘ordinary people.’ For some reason, Joe is so detached from reality, he thinks all women in Detroit live “in the hood.” Can no one recognize the racism here? Then he acts like $50K is a giant amount of money and that he should be praised for helping train women to code! The arrogance is nauseating!