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Blitzer Claims CNN Not An Enemy Of The People

Wolf Blitzer responded to the president’s accurate tweet that propaganda-spewing, lying CNN was fake news. Blitzer proceeded to say that the network was not an enemy of the American people, and that they ‘love’ the American people. Funny, many people seem to recall some undercover Veritas footage showing CNN admitting they knew the Russian collusion story was a lie, but ran it anyway. Also, the Muslim ‘demonstration’ that was arranged by reporters after a London terror attack. The panel mocked the president, and falsely claimed that all their coverage was equally negative.

“The Jig Is Up!”: Trump Spanks CNN ‘Trick’ Question

Trump’s response is masterful. During this extremely important press conference, concerning US trade relations, a CNN ‘reporter’ decided that he would try to establish a fake news story. Trump did leave the G7 Summit early, but only because of his meeting in Singapore with North Korea. The president saw right through the bs, and took CNN to the woodshed for a whipping! He carefully explained that the ‘jig’ was up as far as countries taking the US to the cleaners. If they won’t deal with fair trade, then America will not deal with them!