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Knock Out: Antifa Punk Learns Lesson

Hopefully, this punk will think twice about going to the next ‘pow-wow’ with his pasty-face loser buddies after this roundhouse to the jaw. I have zero sympathy for these anarchists. They are deliberately causing chaos and trying to thwart the liberties of free citizens. They aren’t protesters, they’re terrorists, supporting a political cause through violence and suppression! But, according to the various liberal media headlines, carrying the American flag makes ‘far-right’ demonstrator! It’s the American flag!!

Antifa Rioter Throws Explosive Into Crowd

Make no mistake about it, these people are not ‘demonstrating’ against Fascism, they are the Fascists. They use violence to promote a political cause, making them terrorists. Like the KKK, they cover their faces and perform their evil deeds in secret. This is Portland, land where leftists rule, and consequently, there is no Peace. Liberals bring chaos and destruction… anyone who doesn’t recognize that truth is either stupid or deliberately thrilled by wickedness.