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DC Police Officer Attacked By ‘Counter Protestors’

When will the Justice Department declare these people what they are?! Christal Hayes took this video of mob violence used to control free speech. This group of ‘counter protesters’ (terrorists) attacked police officers, not because they are fighting racism… but because they are animals who love violence. They hope to control anyone who doesn’t believe the same thing they do, which is fascist. It’s time to start rounding up these masked KKK brethren and show them that liberty is not about suppressing free assembly with terror.

Violently Racist Maxine Waters Disciples Ambush, Assault White Motorists: Steal U.S. Flag To Stomp And Burn

The Oath Keepers broke their protest promise, so Antifa took out their frustration by bushwhacking a passing pickup truck and stealing their flag. The driver sped off before the two Caucasian occupants could be treated as Reginald Denny was. Where were the police?