Topic: Turning Point USA

Clueless Protestors Can’t Answer A Single Question

A complete, embarrassing lack of intelligence with no ability for logical thought characterizes these clueless protestors. They can’t answer a single question… and when presented with FACTS about President Trump, revert to responses like ‘brainwashed, Hitler.’ After being asked to point on one single instance of President Trump so-called racism… these liberals get defensive.

Black Stanford Student ‘Escapes The Plantation’

Candace Owens has been a serious influence in society, and this video confirms it. At a Turning Point USA event yesterday, freshman Ernie Banks stood up and proudly declared his disgust with BLM, proclaiming, “I’m off the plantation, bro!” to a chorus of cheers and standing ovation. He explained the origins of the terror group, calling them ‘black face’ democrats. He added later that his quest for truth began in HS when he was falsely accused of assault, and white liberals “were very eager to demonize” him. His truth at this point is a powerful example of an awakening that liberals fear in their rotten core.