Synthetic Marijuana Kills

PUBLISHED: 10:33 PM 2 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 10:38 PM 2 Apr 2018

Synthetic Marijuana Kills, One State’s Injury Toll Reaches 38

The symptoms include coughing up blood and bleeding gums.

So many changes have been made to this compound that no one is even sure that is in it now.

Many people believe that one of the major problems with authorities controlling drugs and other substances is that they create more damage than they prevent.

For example, “synthetic weed,” known often as “K2” is a drug that is sold because marijuana is often made illegal. Although leaders have tried to ban it as well, and makers of the product alter the contents so that it can be sold. This can produce toxic effects for some users, a fact that WAND 17 proved today.

The Illinois Department of Health has found that a user “experienced severe bleeding after claiming to have used synthetic cannabis (K2, Spice, or fake weed).

Thirty-eight people have suffered terrible bleeding in Illinois after partaking of K2, so many people are growing more worried by the day. Symptoms include “coughing up blood, blood in the urine, severe bloody noses, and bleeding gums.”

Again, these problems were not seen before the changes were forced on the makers, so in essence, so some people believe that meddling from authorities has led to this new problem.

Of course, the victim could have avoided a painful, horrifying death by abstinence.

As for the companies making this K2, they too need to be questioned since brodifacoum, a component of rat poison, was found within the synthetic drug.

Illinois Department of Public Health director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D has declared, “synthetic cannabinoids are unsafe. They can contain a variety of chemicals, and users often don’t know what those are, such as rat poison. Despite the perception that synthetic cannabinoids are a safe alternative to marijuana, they can cause very severe illness.”

In this case, the ingestion was fatal.

People in Illinois are being warned about the contaminated product.