Self-Defense Charge

PUBLISHED: 6:39 PM 10 Jan 2019

Swiss Woman Slaps Muslim Man Groping Her, Gets Charged With Assault

A 20-year-old Muslim suspect was part of a migrant gang who were allegedly assaulting women in a crowd on New Year’s Eve, but in a sickening act of ‘justice,’ a woman who defended herself from the perverts was charged with assault.

Many people have been angered by the fact that a woman who defended herself from a migrant's unwanted groping was charged with assault.

At a New Year’s Eve street party in Austria, a female victim from Switzerland who was being assaulted by a 20-year-old Muslim migrant, who was part of a gang of gropers, was charged for slapping one of the men.

In a sickening example of sharia control, the unnamed female victim faces assault charged for defending herself from the unwanted touching of a freak.

“Rape jihad during NYE celebrations. Consider it part of the new traditions in the newly Islamic Europe.”

Apparently, the woman was able to sufficiently defend herself after the man physically groped her, the Muslim was left with a broken nose.

The incident occurred during a party at the City Hall in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Former MP and bigwig of the conservative Swiss People’s Party (SVP) Christoph Blocher couldn’t believe the fact that the victim was charged. He defended her actions.

Blocher, an industrialist and influential figure, told reporters ‘If the woman gets punished, I will gladly pay the fine.’

He stated, ‘How should a woman defend herself otherwise if that is not allowed?’

Many people agree. Why was the Muslim gang allowed to treat women like their personal property to grope and handle at will?

Blocher also said he would have reacted in exactly the same way if someone had tried to steal his wallet, for example.

Local media reports say that the 20-year-old Afghan suspect was part of a migrant gang who were doing whatever they wanted during the party.

According to the Vienna Police, the Swiss woman reacted when she was fondled by the migrant.

Witnesses called the police at 1.30am to report the incident.

However, at the same time, the suspect went to the cops on the square to report the ‘assault.’

He was taken to hospital to be treated and a criminal charge for sexual harassment was filed against the military-age Afghan migrant.

“Under Austrian law, the police have a duty to file a criminal complaint when the alleged offense is of such severity that prosecutors have no choice but to pursue it.”

The growing trend of migrant protection is a scary prospect for anyone who supports liberty, women’s rights, or basically any form of existence that doesn’t subscribe to male-dominated sharia.

The fact that the female was charged for defending herself has shocked and disgusted many people, and they warn that unless the United States changes more of its policy, such actions here could be imminent.