Kav Accuser Backtracks

PUBLISHED: 3:16 PM 2 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 6:20 PM 2 Oct 2018

Swetnick Walks Back Major Claims Against Kavanaugh After Inconsistencies

Swetnick accused Kavanaugh of taking part in gang rapes, now she is walking back that horrific claim.

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Julie Swentick, the third woman to accuse Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate behavior, is now backing away from several of the most sordid allegations made in her sworn affidavit, contradicting her own testimony.

During an interview on Monday with NBC News, Swetnick was asked about her allegations that Kavanaugh and his high school friend, Mark Judge, took part in drugging and gang raping girls when they were in high school during the early 1980s. Despite signing a sworn affidavit regarding the horrific claims, Swetnick is now admitting that Kavanaugh never took part in anything she originally claimed.

Swetnick originally claimed that Kavanaugh and his friends threw wild parties in high school, groped women, drugged them, and then raped them. She even accused Kavanaugh of taking part in “gang rapes” at the parties, a chilling allegation that should not be taken lightly.

When pressed on these allegations on Monday, Swetnick backed away from just about all of her original claims. Swetnick said she’s not sure if the alcohol at the party was spiked with drugs, and said she has no idea if Kavanaugh ever took part in drugging women, sexually assaulting them, or taking part in the alleged “gang rapes.”

When the NBC host asked Swetnick why she wrote in the affidavit that Kavanaugh spiked the punch, but admitted she never saw him do so, Swetnick deflected.

“Well, I saw him giving red cups to quite a few girls during that time frame. … I saw him around the punch containers. I don’t know what he did. But I saw him by them, yes,” Swetnick said.

Later in the interview, Swetnick walked back her claim that “gang rapes” frequently occurred at the high school parties and said she only saw Kavanaugh standing near rooms where she “thinks” the alleged sexual assaults took place.

“I would see boys standing outside of rooms, congregated together,” Swetnick said. “Sort of like a gauntlet. And I didn’t know what was occurring. But I would see them laughing, a lot of laughing.”

Swetnick also backed away from the original suggestions made by her attorney that Kavanaugh raped her. She refused to say in the interview that she was raped, and instead said she was “physically assaulted.”

When asked if Kavanaugh raped her, Swetnick outright denied it, a stark contrast to original claims implying he did.

“I cannot specifically say that he was one of the ones who assaulted me. But before this happened to me, at that party, I saw Brett Kavanaugh there. I saw Mark Judge there. And they were hanging about the area where I started to feel disoriented and where the room was, and where the other boys were hanging out. And laughing. I could hear them laughing and laughing,” Swetnick said.

Swetnick — who has been accused of and sued for sexual harassment, defamation, and sexual harassment — also has no witnesses to corroborate her scathing allegations.

She wrote in a sworn affidavit, which carries penalty of a felony, that Kavanaugh drugged women, took part in “gang rapes,” and implied that Kavanaugh may have sexually assaulted her at one of the high school parties.

On Monday, she walked back all three of those claims. Many would agree a criminal referral should be sent to the DOJ and that she should be held accountable if she lied on her sworn affidavit.

Watch Swetnick’s interview below: