Court Allows Sharia Law

PUBLISHED: 10:36 PM 9 Mar 2018

Sweden Rules In Favor Of Wife-Beating Husband, Allows Sharia Law Citation

Sweden ruled Sharia Law allowed husband to beat his wife.

Sweden allows Sharia Law defense.

A court in Sweden has accepted a Sharia “culture law” defense from an Iraqi immigrant who claimed he beat his wife for religious purposes, according to InfoWars.

On International Women’s Day, Sweden set a dangerous precedent that Sharia Law can be used as an adequate legal defense against assaulting women.

The Solna District Court acquitted an Iraqi man who allegedly abused his wife by throwing her into furniture, pulling her hair, and hitting her in the face with shoes.

The court held that the Muslim “came from a good family,” implying that the woman somehow deserved the abuse she was subjected to.

The court also ruled that the woman reporting the abuses to the local police department and not to her husband’s family “further” undermined her credibility in the case.

Islamic cultures condone — and encourage — men to beat, rape, and assault their wives who disobey them.

The court ruling means that Sweden apparently condones such vile and sickening behavior, setting a dangerous precedent that Muslims can assault women and get away with it.

Center Party leader Annie Lööf condemned the court ruling, demanding that the judges be removed from the panel for their egregious decision.

“Horrendous judgment in Solna. Hair-raising reasoning and values that have no place in a state built on legal principles. These values have no place in our party. Our politics are based on all people’s equal rights and value, and being equal before the law.”

She added: “This is one of the most prejudiced and strange judgments I have read. Not completely unexpectedly dictated by two lay judges. Still, no one in charge who wants to do something about the lay judge system?”

Amazing to see that Sweden ruled on International Women’s Day that Sharia Law is an approved legal defense for Muslims who beat their wives.