Swedish Heritage Board Headed By Muslim

PUBLISHED: 11:51 PM 9 Feb 2018

Sweden Appoints Muslim Man To Head Heritage Board

He says his plan is to make Swedish heritage include Muslims.

The Swedish government decided to appoint a Pakistani Muslim with no specialized knowledge of Swedish history to head their National Heritage Board. Surely, this was not done for politically correct reasons in a country suffering from it.

For nations, especially nations that have existed for centuries or even millennia, taking steps to preserve heritage is important.  It allows the nation to show current and future citizens where they came from, and even where the nation may be going.

It is odd, then, that a nation would happily appoint someone to be the head of a society to preserve their heritage who not only was foreign-born and is of a foreign culture and ethnicity, but also who has no interest in the heritage.  However, Sweden did exactly that.

Qaisar Mahmood is a Swedish citizen, though he is also a Muslim man who was born in Pakistan. Somehow, he ended up as the head of the Swedish National Heritage Board, where his job duties are to ensure Sweden’s cultural heritage are protected.

The problem is, he knows nothing about Sweden’s cultural heritage.  He even said that he hasn’t read anything about the cultural heritage of the country.

In other words, by approving Qaisar Mahmood, Sweden has taken a very unusual step in picking a cultural heritage officer.

The closest that Qaisar Mahmood ever came to learning about, or reading about, the history of Sweden is when he went on a motorcycle tour of Sweden.

According to Qaisar, the trip was supposed to meant to help him discover what made Sweden Sweden.

Now, as head of the Swedish National Heritage Board, Qaisar Mahmood says that he wants to create a narrative about how Muslim immigrants are “part of something” in Sweden.

Indeed, Mahmood says he isn’t simply interested in making sure that people are aware of the Viking history, perhaps the most oft-cited history of the Swedes, but also to show Muslims that they are part of the Swedish experience and culture.

Perhaps it was ‘creating the narrative’ when a Swedish researcher last year discovered the word ‘Allah’ sewn onto Viking burial garments from the 9th and 10th century.

Of course, that story was eventually proved to be a complete fabrication, and an American professor of Medieval Islamic Art and Archaeology at the University of Texas in Austin disproved it quite well, but the story had already been spread.

There’s nothing wrong with a nation picking an expert on their culture to lead an organization like the National Heritage Board in Sweden, of course.

The idea that such an expert MUST be a Swede is absurd.

However, the idea that the expert could be someone with no background in Swedish history or heritage, and with literally no connection to the history or heritage of Sweden, is an absurd one at best.

Further, there is nothing wrong with saying that for some Muslims, which have bee deemed fit to be fellow citizens, there is a bright future in a land with rich heritage.

However, there to say that the realities of the culture and heritage of Sweden must be ignored or abused in order to make immigrants feel most welcome is an absurdity.

Though they may not remember it, Sweden has a proud history as conquerors.  Vikings pushed the boundaries of exploration, pillaging and raiding their way into the history books.

They earned reputations as fierce warriors, while at home they also showcased their progressive ideals (for the time, anyway), such as the idea that women could run the household.

Sweden, like much of Europe, is having issues with Muslim ‘refugees’ that they have allowed into the country as Syria and the middle east, in general, have continued to fall apart.

Indeed, in parts of Sweden, such as Malmo, the immigrants have formed gangs, and it is not uncommon to see armed Islamic teens walking down the street with firearms.

In the immigrant sections of Malmo, even the police and their headquarters are fair game.

Sweden has a history that it is rightly proud of. It is not wrong for the Swedish people to preserve their heritage and showcase it.

However, it seems like in the name of political correctness, Sweden has allowed its own history to be undermined by people with no knowledge of it and no love for it.

Hopefully, the Swedes realize that they need to preserve their history, and they replace Qaisar Mahmood with someone who not only cares about that history but has more knowledge about it than what can be gained by any tourist who drives through the country on a motorcycle.