PUBLISHED: 10:23 PM 24 May 2017
UPDATED: 5:16 PM 26 May 2017

Swarms Of Paid Protesters Hit Chicago In Unmarked Busses As Claims Of Soros Ramp Up

The protesters came out from unmarked deluxe buses payed by George Soros

The protesters came out from unmarked deluxe buses payed by George Soros

The protesters came out from unmarked deluxe buses paid by George Soros

Lately, there have been several protests that, far from being taken seriously, raise an important concern because of their roots and backgrounds. For instance, the Anti-Trump Women’s March was organized by Linda Sarsour, a Muslim American well-known for defending Sharia law and for posting violent tweets against her critics.

In addition to this protest, there have been many others characterized for turning into dangerous riots and being extremely hostile to conservatives. Of course, some other protests haven’t been violent at all, but are being orchestrated by an unscrupulous character. This only shows how important it is for many rich liberals to harm this government at any cost.

Sadly, this seems to be the case in the recent Chicago protest, where hundreds of people marched for a raise of the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Believe it or not, what looked like a spontaneous protest was actually another conspiracy of George Soros, who never shows any kind of problem with paying a lot of money to fund these acts. In fact, this could be considered an investment for his political interests.

According to 4Chan, protesters came out of unmarked deluxe buses holding uniforms and expensively printed signs, demanding increases in the minimum wage. Naturally, this only shows that a third party heavily financed this action in order to create a favorable public opinion for the left.

In addition to how disgraceful it is to manipulate people to do what you can’t, the center core of this protest is darker than you think.

Protesters were hoding uniforms and expensively printed signs.

Protesters were holding uniforms and professionally printed signs.

Although raising the minimum wage to $15 seems like a good deal for everyone, this is actually one of the worst measures a government could take, given the fact that it opens atrocious scenarios. However, this situation clearly benefits people like George Soros.

For instance, a nationwide $15 minimum would be quite burdensome for rural business, but an excellent deal for establishment figures like New York politicians. This would create a huge economic issue, increasing unemployment in many states while the establishment´s power will grow incredibly. Given this situation, the position of a person like George Soros is not surprising at all.

Mainstream media contributes to these actions by not telling the protest´s background.

Mainstream media contributes to these actions by not disclosing the protest’s background.

Another problem with the increase in the minimum wage is that it would have a marginal effect on poor people, with collateral damages that could be extremely difficult to solve. Given the fact that it is mostly students who occupy low paying jobs, this situation would represent a terrible setback for most of them. It would destroy the opportunity to gain work experience that could help them earn greater salaries after their education is completed.

Also, increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour would definitely affect the cost of living, causing a colossal problem that would require many years to be solved. Unfortunately, this would be a perfect scenario for people like Soros, not only because this kind of crisis is quite beneficial to powerful investors, but also because his political interests could be easier to achieve in a depressed nation.

George Soros will continue funding Anti-Trump protests in America.

George Soros will continue funding Anti-Trump protests in America.

Believe it or not, of every single issue that a country like Venezuela has lived over the last decade under left wing politics, one of the worst has been the way in which minimum wage has been raised many times. This measure has created a massive damage to the economy, and poverty skyrocketed in a short period.

George Soros’ involvement in the recent Chicago protest clearly reveals his ambition to broaden his power by harming America’s economy and using people like disposable pawns. Sadly, this is the liberal modus operandi that doesn’t seem to have an end, especially when you notice that most of the mainstream media also contributes to this deplorable action by claiming that these protests only represent the people frustration over certain policies.

Far from nearing the end, the war between George Soros and President Donald Trump will continue until the end of his administration, considering the huge crisis that the Democratic Party has been facing since Hillary Clinton lost the election. Naturally, the easiest strategy is to attack everything related to GOP and Soros has the power and resources to do it.

In addition to political interests, Soros’ position against Trump is related to economics, given the fact that he lost almost a billion dollars thinking that markets would fall following the President’s November win.

A miserable defeat for a liberal rich man who made one billion dollars betting the British pound devaluation back in 1992.