Police Chase Stolen School Bus

PUBLISHED: 12:01 AM 15 Feb 2018

Suspect Arrested After High-Speed Chase In Stolen School Bus

The chase reached speeds of 100mph.

A man in a stolen school bus led police on quite a chase.

Many arcade and video game buffs will remember the game, “CruisinU.S.A.” In the game, the player could drive virtually anything in city races, even a school bus. Those of us with a knack for silliness often played the big ol’ bus and laughed out how it could never happen.

Well, it can.

Yahoo News has confirmed that rather than feeding quarters into the slot at the arcade, one man stole the real thing and led police on a high-speed chase in Dayton, Ohio, where speeds topped 100 miles per hour! A school bus really does go 100 mph. Who knew?

Around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, a “bus had been stolen from the Twin Valley schools in West Alexandria,” roughly 19 miles outside of Dayton.

How any thief could be doltish enough to think that a bright yellow school bus would not stand out a bit a three in the morning is a testimony to his folly, but it happened. The chase, we are told, began in Brookville and it was pedal to the metal all the way.

The driver of the loppy bus struck a parked car as the police did their best to bring the stolen vehicle to a halt so that an arrest could be made.

The chase is said to have wound and snaked it’s way all the way to Trotwood, Ohio before the suspect was arrested.

When cases like this are reported on, everyone reading or hearing the details have to wonder what was going through the criminal’s mind. There are things that are worth stealing and, while certainly not ever morally excusable, are understandable from the flawed view of the criminal brain.

However, when school buses and things of such a nature are taken, there seems to be no logic or reason employed. Was this the result of losing a bet? Perhaps this was a dare that was taken too far and too seriously.

No one at this time knows though the courts will surely get to the truth. In the meantime, everyone in Dayton is going to be scratching their heads and talking about the night that a school bus went racing around at three in morning down the road.

That, no matter how many times it gets told, is a story that won’t get old.

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