RINO Threatens Trump

PUBLISHED: 10:52 PM 16 Apr 2018

Susan Collins Announces Replacement Block, She Won’t Confirm

She plans to block any replacement of Rosenstein in order to protect Mueller.

This RINO and others like her are now all but openly cheating.

At no time is it easier to see democrat obstinacy and illogical behavior than in the case of Maine’s Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). She has pledged that the Senate will not “confirm a replacement for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,” if the replacement won’t pursue the baseless Russian probe (witch hunt) against President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Examiner.

This is true, even though all of the facts clearly show that Mr. Trump honestly won the election with no help from Russia whatsoever. On the ABC News show “This Week,” the RINO said that if the White House “fires special counsel Robert Mueller and his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,” the Senate will keep the unjust investigation alive!

Collins appears to think that people who use faulty data compiled by the DNC, with the help of a former British spy to lead a case, based on a fictional dossier, should keep their jobs. She seems to be of a mindset that finds no fault in Mueller allowing people like Peter Strzok (who openly detest Mr. Trump) from taking part in the probe, either.

It would be interesting to see if she would keep anyone on her staff who acted dishonestly.

Only the deputy attorney general can fire him. That … investigation is still going to go on,” the Senator said. Collins failed to address the fact that it should not still be going on and that this is the main reason why firing all parties involved is more than just. It is the only way that justice can be done!

So, it would not spell the end of the investigation. If a new deputy attorney general were nominated by the president, I cannot imagine the Senate confirming that individual without a clear commitment to appoint a new independent counsel,” she added. In other words, Mr. Trump is supposed to allow those who work to slander and defame him with fake data to keep working… as taxpayers foot the bill.

Collins would even support a plan to stop Donald Trump from sacking the Special Council, though she admitted that it would never pass (nor should it).

It would not hurt if we passed legislation to send a message to the White House that we want the investigation to continue,” she said. There are a very large number of more prudent legal minds in the Senate who do not want it to go on, too. She purposefully did not address this point.

Instead, she doltishly added, “But the fact is that the president is never going to sign that legislation. And there are some legitimate constitutional concerns about it. But, having the discussion in Congress does send a strong message that we do not want Mr. Mueller’s investigation interfered with in any way.”

That opinion is held only by those who stand against not only Mr. Trump, but the facts of the case, as well.