PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 28 Dec 2016
UPDATED: 5:49 PM 28 Dec 2016

Surprise Surprise: Obama Just Lifted All Restrictions And Sent ISIS Advanced Weapons In Syria

We now have all the proof we need...

We now have all the proof we need...

We now have all the proof we need…

Obama funding terrorists is nothing new. We have more than enough evidence to prove that he has been arming terrorists groups (like al Qaeda and ISIS) in order to topple Assad (Russia’s ally) in the Middle East.

Obama has successfully armed two of the largest terrorist groups in our history, destroyed the Middle East with his policies, and has pushed Russia into a partnership with Iran, Syria, and China instead of the U.S.

Before he leaves office in 23 days, a new Pentagon report has been released that indicates Obama has deliberately created more chaos in the Middle East that will greatly complicate Trump’s ability to wind down hostilities, foil his efforts at rapprochement with Russia, and effectively wipe terrorists off the face of this earth.

The government produced documents to Judicial Watch in response to a freedom of information suit shows that the West has been supporting ISIS for many years. The documents were written by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on August 12, 2012, which was years before ISIS burst onto the world stage.

Undeniable proof!

Undeniable proof!

This also comes on the heels of recent revelations from a French investigative journalist that the U.S. has funneled over $1 Billion in arms to ISIS from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The narrative and the plot line were so transparent, even Russia saw right through them. Recall from September of last year:

If the West bombs Islamic State militants in Syria without consulting Damascus, LiveLeak reports that the anti-ISIS alliance may use the occasion to launch airstrikes against President Bashar Assad’s forces, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Clearly comprehending that Obama’s new strategy against ISIS in Syria is all about pushing the Qatar pipeline through (as was the impetus behind the 2013 intervention push), Russia is pushing back noting that the it is using ISIS as a pretext for bombing Syrian government forces and warning that “such a development would lead to a huge escalation of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa.”

She Is Funded By Nations That Fund ISIS. Coincidence?

While SOS, she sold weapons to Nations funding ISIS. Coincidence?

In the wake of ISIS’ rise, we see that this was all Obama and Hillary’s fault. The fact that ISIS resides in more than 42 Nations, have infiltrated Europe, and have killed thousands — including hundreds of Americans — falls directly on the shoulders of Obama and Hillary. That is treason.

Obama has spent so much money arming terrorists in a failed strategy that congressional investigations into the CIA and other US security agencies have become deafening. Trump will have the full power to remove all of Obama’s cronies so that we never operate under incompetent and weak leadership again!

Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii and top Trump national security adviser, Tusli Gabbard, has a Bill set to be voted on in the coming weeks that would allow Obama, Hillary, and all other cronies to be tried for treason.

Her Bill, Stop Arming Terrorists Act, would hold anyone accountable for arming and/or funding terrorists.

Wouldn’t we like to see this Bill pass so that we can hold all government officials accountable for creating these terrorist groups?