Judge Ginsburg Announces She Is Here To Stay

PUBLISHED: 9:42 PM 29 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 9:58 PM 29 Jan 2018

Supreme Judge Backs Off Retirement Talk, Staying To Fight Trump

If Hillary had gotten elected, Judge Ginsburg would have retired.

It looks like Judge Ginsburg is here to stay.

…and on the 8th day, God created Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No one would be too shocked if such a statement really was found in the Bible, for it seems that this most liberal of Supreme Court Justices (appointed by disgraced former President Bill Clinton) who was the head of the ACLU, is forever in D.C. Her appointment was a move that allowed for a far left leaning judge to help define the nation. It used to be that such hard left (or right) choices were frowned up, but Ginsburg’s appointment changed all of that. Now, it seems that she is not looking to leave the bench anytime soon, even as the years add up.

The Conservative Daily Post has shown in the past that she has no intention of retiring. Now Yahoo News is reporting that “the 84-year-old Ginsburg is packing her schedule and sending signals she intends to keep her seat on the bench for years.” This is largely being done because of her intense dislike for the prudent conservative thinking of President Donald Trump.

The elderly justice “has produced two of the court’s four signed opinions so far this term” and there is even a new documentary being made about her.

It is known also that Ginsgurg has “hired law clerks to take her through June 2020,” four months before Trump the next election.

She is not even taking a vacation during her monthlong break from the bench. Soaking up the rockstar status of being a liberal powerhouse, this justice is embarking on a speaking tour that takes her ever from “the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to law schools and synagogues on the East Coast.

Of course, the obvious problem with this is that she writes law from the bench and is an activist judge. She does not interpret the law so much as crafts it, which is not her job.

I think that Justice Ginsburg has made clear that she has no intention of retiring. I am sure she wants to stay on the court until the end of the Trump presidency if she can,” observed Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of the law school at the University of California, Berkeley. Oddly enough, he is a liberal,  yet in 2014, even he called for her to retire!

In a sign that Ginsburg may haunt the Supreme Court until the fossilizes, Chemerinsky also said, “No one can know whether she will be on the court on Jan. 20, 2021, if Trump serves one term, let alone Jan. 20, 2025, if he is re-elected.”

After slamming Mr. Trump openly (something that called into question her need to be unbiased as a Supreme Court Justice), the president accurately tweeted, “Her mind is shot – resign!” Though she later apologized for her outbursts, the damage was done.

Kiki,” as friends call her, has kept this same active schedule for years, something that may have worked to hold back her aging, actually. While some wonder if Ginsburg is going to need carbon dated at her next birthday, Ann Kittner, a friend of the justices since “their days at James Madison High School” has said, “I don’t think she’s slowing down. That’s for sure.”

Her lifelong friend has even said in jest to her, “We’re retired. Why are you working so hard?

To her credit, Ginsburg has beaten cancer twice! The most recent bout was with pancreatic cancer, which is usually fatal, in 2009. “I am pleased to report that, contrary to Sen. Bunning’s prediction, I am alive and in good health,” said the justice in response to the Senator saying that she would be dead within a year.

As irony would have it, he died that year.

Certainly, no moral person wants Ms. Ginsburg to die nor be ill in any way. However, she has been known to imbibe and has even passed out asleep after some wine was served at an event a few years ago. Likewise, she shuffles about so slowly that the other justices have to wait for her after court ends or she would be left alone in the building.

That said, ageism is not the answer, so if she can serve, so be it. Retired libertarian hero Ron Paul heard such claims and he would have been more than healthy enough to serve as U.S. president in 2012 or in 2018 (had he been re-elected).

The problem with Ginsburg is not her age, but her outlook. She is wrongminded, openly biased, and against all of the forms of common decency which made the U.S. great. That, at any age, is just not something to be admired.

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