Organ Harvesting SCOTUS Ruling

PUBLISHED: 7:02 PM 3 Apr 2018

Supreme Court Denies Hearing To Permit Exposing Planned Parenthood

Pro-life groups cannot report illegal activities to law enforcement or the press.

A Supreme Court judge refused to allow the pro-life side to present its argument regarding previous rulings which prevent them from exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling fetal remains.

Warning: Contains content that may be disturbing to some readers.

The pro-life movement encountered a shocking Supreme Court loss this week. Judge William Orrick ruled that undercover videos of abortionists at Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling fetal body parts could not be released to the public or law enforcement by refusing to hear a case which would overturn prior rulings.

The Center for Medical Progress has been in a long-standing feud with Planned Parenthood when the abortion clinic along with other similar organizations such as the National Abortion Federation began to sue CMP for releasing videos of doctors discussing how they harvest fetal body parts, rules they break, and how they are doing so for the money.

In previous rulings, judges determined “that the undercover videos contained no evidence of wrong-doing on the part of NAF or Planned Parenthood” and defended “the nation who sought the evidence in their own investigations.”

While the latter is true, first-hand proof is worth considering and should not be withheld from the public if someone is willing to provide it.

Sealing them on the unconstitutional basis of ‘prior restraints,’ the pro-life group the Center for Medical Progress or any of its affiliates cannot release any incriminating footage from organizations such as Planned Parenthood or the National Abortion Federation.

The abortion agencies have been winning these cases in front of liberal judges, and they have, unfortunately, experienced another victory when the Supreme Court “declined to hear an appeal filed against two lower courts blocking the release of undercover videos purporting to show abortion providers engaging in illegal activity.”

The case specifically discussed the lawsuit the NAF filed against CMP founder David Daleiden for releasing videos. However, it did not seem likely that Judge Orrick would favor the pro-life group, as he previously ruled that when Daleiden signed a non-disclosure agreement with NAF, he “contracted away his first amendment rights.”

Unfortunately, this is not surprising coming from a judge who also “served on the board of an organization that partnered with a Planned Parenthood affiliate.”

The vice president of legal affairs for Life Legal, Katie Short, defended that “no federal appeals court has ever upheld a gag order that was based on the alleged agreement of the parties to hide information that is of significant public interest or concern.”

However, the court determined that the nature of the videos may affect “the communication of news and commentary on current events.”

That appears to sum up Orrick’s opinion of right to free press.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of the footage obtained which make the judge’s ruling even more disturbing than the Constitution violation.

While undercover, doctors at Planned Parenthood would openly discuss how much they were profiting from selling body parts. Dr. Mary Gatter once exclaimed “I want a Lamborghini,” in relation to how much she could make off fetal organs.

They casually discuss not accepting ‘flat-fees’ for entire fetuses, but prefer to dismember them and cash in with “a per-item” method.

The doctors admitted to breaking federal law and have indicated that fetal parts are often harvested without the mother’s consent.

It, unfortunately, gets worse, as doctors describe the process of obtaining their commodity by ‘baby-crushing’ in just the right places to preserve the “heart, lung, [and] liver.”

By far the most disturbing admission was from Holly O’Donnell who explained when her supervisor asked her if she “want[ed] to see something kind of cool.” The supervisor then tapped on the heart of a late-term fetus lying on a table. O’Donnell reported her horror upon seeing the heart begin to beat.

They horrifically continued to discuss the procedures they followed when dealing with whole or live babies.

One doctor, Amna Dermish discussed that intact fetuses are beneficial in obtaining heads for research. Even more horrifying, she continues that “living, later-term unborn babies” are particularly desirable as they can be immediately terminated to obtain their heads “for brain harvesting.”

Others confirmed that live babies were often killed.

The doctors and technicians who perform crimes of these nature can only be described as monsters. Their complete disregard for life can be seen in the way they treat live fetuses and remains as well as how free from guilt they appear to be despite their heinous actions.

One Planned Parenthood worker referred to an aborted baby as having “just fell out of the womb.”

Even more upsetting is that it appears that the Supreme Court is not willing to even hear the pro-life movement’s argument, granting a victory for the abortion industry once again, allowing them to butcher innocent children.

It is devastating that abortion whistleblowers cannot report on the horror they witness, even if information is obtained illegally. Considering that Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation have no apparent regard to the law or life, it seems that going undercover in the only way to reveal their crimes.

If ‘anti-choice’ advocates cannot bring new evidence to law enforcement, it will continue indefinitely.

However, it is also detrimental to the nation’s culture, as fewer will learn of the atrocities of fetal organ harvesting. If more were aware, it is likely that abortion rates would decrease as women learn what health clinics are doing with their unborn babies.

It would also prevent some from giving their business to such organizations for other services or to those who fund Planned Parenthood.

For now, pro-life efforts have been halted in the Supreme Court in exposing unspeakable horrors. However, it will not be discouraged. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman promised to “continue to fight” against this horrendous practice and its industry.