PUBLISHED: 8:28 PM 9 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 8:31 PM 9 Feb 2017

Supreme Court Date Now To Be Set: Trump To Fight It All The Way Through


Trump will take his plans to keep America safe all the way to Supreme Court for the good of the people.

Let us pretend that Donald Trump decided that he was going to give free money away to Americans at random and out of every 51 people who got his free money,  7 were Muslim. Now let us also pretend that the media, or even Trump himself,  called this a “Muslim handout” because those 7 (only 12%) were of the Islamic faith. Such a statement would be laughed to scorn by everyone with a calculator app, yet when president Trump bans only 7 out of 51 Muslim nations, his travel ban from terror-sponsoring nations is called a “Muslim ban.”

Factually speaking, this is precisely what the Democrats are doing when they call Trumps common sense travel ban a “Muslim ban” because there remain the vast majority of 44 nations that are NOT on the ban list. This mathematical fact did nothing to stop the social justice snowflakes who appeared like vultures at airports, begging to let many who may be tied to terror into the nation to kill them. This fact also did nothing to stop an advocate federal judge from ruling from the bench instead of accurately interpreting the law and blocking the executive order. President Trump has promptly filed an appeal, which shows that he is ready to take this battle all the way to the Supreme Court in an effort to keep the nation safe, as promised.

Proving that he tends to fight within the law and structure of the land Trump said, “We’re going to take it through the system, It’s very important for the country. Regardless of me, or whoever succeeds at a later date, we have to have security in our country.” He then added, “Remember, ISIS said ‘we are going to infiltrate the United States and other countries through the migration. And we’re not allowed to be tough? Explain that one, we’ll see what happens, we are well represented.”

Nothing about presidents Trump’s words convey even a  hint or shadow of religious persecution or a demeaning of the Muslim faith in any way. He is speaking about fighting terrorism and he is going to keep showing how ISIS, in their very own words, have said that they will enter our nation legally using our acceptance as a catalyst to bomb or harm us. The president is simply taking our sworn enemy at their own word, something that if Bush and Cheney had done more of may have resulted in two twin towers still standing.


Activist federal judges are not acting against the safety of the American populace.

Many of the nations that the left are so angry about being banned are only banned only for a measly 120 days while the Trump administration fills in the holes in vetting and immigration that are allowing too many risks to seep in. Not only that, but Donald Trump is also accepting the same number of refugees into the nation that president Barack Obama had prior; 50,000. All that the president did was lessen the number of 100,000 that Obama had wanted to see plant down on American soil (with terrible vetting) in 2017, something that is quite easy for him to demand considering that it would fall on Trumps watch to cater, care, and inspect them all.

Trump may be waiting to see if his choice to the Supreme Court, Niel Gorsuch gets his nod to the bench before moving forward. Even still, if the Democrats hope to halt Trump’s brief travel ban by declining Gorsuch his rightful place, it will likely not do any good since it can not be imagined that Trump would choose someone who did not agree with him on this most vital of matters. Gorsuch is a man with a background in real estate and, like Trump, is someone who because of this tends to want to spend careful attention to who is coming into the nation and why.


Judge Neil Gorsuch will likely wisely side with Donald Trump on matters of travel bans and safety if confirmed to the Supreme Court.

There are childish cries and tantrums being thrown about saying that Donald Trump’s travel ban is going to make more terrorists. This is particularly humorous because for one, since we already face terror so badly that we must ban certain nations from entering, what difference does it make if they want to add to the list, making it worse? Second of all, if the reaction to not being allowed into a nation is to bomb them, then what more proof would America need to show that the ban was wise?  That seems to a bit of an overreaction. Lastly, if the nation is banned anyway, why would it matter if there were more who hated us since they are not going to be coming over anyhow? The whole argument is utterly devoid of even a fragment of logic.

Trump’s approval ratings are very high right now, well over 50%, and for a president that has done so much in such a short amount of time, that is saying a lot, indeed. If Trump needs to learn anything and perhaps see a bit of scolding, it would be that he needs to do a far better job of implementation moving forward. Green Card holders were always allowed in, for instance, but president Trump had not been clear about that in the wording of the executive order. Priebus looked more foolish than normal out trying to clarify everything afterward This kind of error and poor planning will prove to be the rope that the left uses to hang Trump from the tree of incompetence accusations if this kind of thing persists.

Federal judge James Robart temporarily halted Trump's travel ban nationwide.

Federal judge James Robart and Homeland Security has betrayed the nation by coming out against Trump’s travel ban from nations that long to kill Americans.

With that established, the people love the president because for once, America got a president that genuinely loves them. The nation has been very good to Donald Trump and his family. Even when Trump was quite young, his family was a family that saw wondrous fortune in the greatest land on Earth. To the despair of most, America has fallen from its past greatness in almost every area of inspection. For this to become something that is reversed, the land must be both safe and secure. That means secure in the borders that surround it as well as secure in the motives of those that are entering from beyond into it. Trump knows this, the American people know this, and the left is going to learn it even it means taking the fight all the way to the highest court in the land!


Misguided and ill educated, the left stands with signs at airports demanding that nations that long to slay Americans be allowed to send those who mean us harm over.