Vaxxed Spreaders Surge

PUBLISHED: 5:41 PM 11 Oct 2021

Superspreaders: Latest UK Data Shows Infection Among Vaxxed Exceeds Every Age Group

The facts are not hard to understand (if you aren’t one of the brainwashed masses): take the vaccine, get re-infected with worse and worse variants, Don’t take the vaccine, survive the virus and develop strong natural immunity.

He's evil. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

This weekend, new data from the UK shows that the vaccinated are the most infected group in the UK, in all age groups. Meanwhile, Fauci went on the networks to spread the fear propaganda and actually appeared depressed that the number of infections in the U.S. is dropping steadily.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Positive COVID-19 cases have plummeted nationally.  Symptomatic cases as well severe illness, hospitalizations and death have also collapsed.  Given the scientific discussion surrounding variant strength and transmissibility, my own belief is that the number of non-vaccinated Americans has stabilized; and the hardcore unvaxxed group, with strong natural antibody immunity – or strong immune systems writ large, is now defeating virus pop-ups in significant enough population scale/strength to drop the infection rate.

However, as the infection rate declines, and the number of severe illness cases drops dramatically, Dr. Anthony Fauci is reduced to the position of a hammer looking for a nation of diminishing nails.  Fauci appears very sad today on CNN, as the little shred of his expertise that remains is increasingly useless.

In a display of sympathy, Dana Bash attempts to lift Fauci’s spirits with the promotion of fear.  Toward the end of the interview segment, trying to keep up appearances of doom, Ms. Bash asks, “When will vaccinated people be able to take off their masks indoors?”   That opens the door for Fauci to promote his enhanced variant distribution & delivery process, aka ‘The Vaccine’.

In semi-related matters….  A recently published study of infection rates amid children found that 69% of the positive test cases did not actually have live virus within their system. [SEE DATA HERE]  “Compared with adults, children with nasopharyngeal swabs that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 were less likely to grow virus in culture, and had higher cycle thresholds and lower viral concentrations, suggesting that children are not the main drivers of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.”

We are socially isolating and emotionally punishing our kids for what?

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The latest numbers from the UK reveal the covid infection rates among the vaccinated now exceed the unvaxxed in every age group over 30.

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