Superintendent Caught

PUBLISHED: 8:06 PM 6 Apr 2018

Superintendent Blows Past School Bus And Police Conducting Safety Campaign

He was even driving a district-issued car when he broke the law.

The bus safety program caught an unusual suspect.

Everyone knows that you have to stop when a school bus is unloading kids, and even if the kids are high school seniors. But as Yahoo News has observed, it is much more despicable when the offender is the “Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools, Desmond Blackburn.”

The infraction took place in Florida. Blackburn “was pulled over for illegally passing a school bus as police were running a bus safety campaign.” Anyone can tell you that such behavior is jerky and stupid.

The Melbourne Police have had a stronger presence near school buses as part of “Operation BUSted,” something that, if anyone, the superintendent should have been aware of.

The man was even driving “his district-issued SUV the morning of March 27” when he was pulled over and given a warning. Therein lies the most frustrating part, too.

For his part, the Superintendent said that he deserved the warning that he got. Big of him.


The way that some drivers operate, having a law that ensures kids stay safe when crossing the road is not such a bad idea, even for older students. There are a lot of careless people on the roads.

Road rage incidents continue to increase, but what makes this infraction so frustrating is that this school superintendent obviously thought his time was worth more than children’s safety.

The warning seems fairly light, considering the man’s position.

Whether or not the community will have anything to say about the warning is not know, but the entire episode just shows how easy it is for government employees to feel above the law.

Perhaps that mentality is the real legacy of Obama.