Sullivan Gets Case

PUBLISHED: 8:19 PM 25 Nov 2020

Sullivan Assigned Case Claiming Trump Election Fraud Fight Is Racist Violation

Sullivan was the judge who refused to stop persecuting Michael Flynn, even after the Justice Department dropped the case.

This is absurd. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In a bizarre argument, leftists are claiming that exposing the widespread voter fraud that occurred in specific Dominion voting system states somehow violates that Voting Rights Act of 1965 (you know, the law that made it impossible for democrats to continue to disenfranchise black voters).

The lawsuit claims that President Trump and his re-election campaign are engaged in an “unlawful” strategy to expose the massive coup that occurred on election night… and that those efforts are racist.

But, the kicker here is that Judge Emmet Sullivan has been assigned the case.

Sullivan gained headlines over the past year for his arbitrary and unconstitutional persecution of General Michael Flynn.

An extremely biased and inaccurate report was published by Law and Order:

The 12-page complaint names both the 45th president in his individual capacity and the corporate organization that makes up his 2020 campaign as defendants over their recent efforts to “pressure state and local officials not to certify election results in key states and then have state legislatures override the will of the voters by installing” a “slate of electors” loyal to the Republican Party.

“They have actively pursued this strategy, compromising the integrity of the election process, and unlawfully interfering with will of the voters,” the lawsuit alleges. “To effectuate this strategy, [Trump and his campaign] are openly seeking to disenfranchise Black voters, including voters in Detroit, Michigan.”

“No more,” the lawsuit continues. “The Voting Rights Act of 1965 flatly prohibits [those] efforts to disenfranchise Black people and assault our republic. This is a moment that many of us hoped never to face. But we are here, and the law is clear. It is time to enforce it.”

[Really? What about the law against fraudulent ballot stuffing?]

The complaint was filed by attorneys with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) on behalf of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO) and three Black citizens of Detroit who voted in the 2020 general election, Maureen Taylor, Nicole L. Hill and Teasha K. Jones.

The article continues with more of the same praise for the people who are attempting a coup against a twice elected president.

It’s interesting to note that Sullivan has been smacked down by Appeals courts for his extremely biased decisions.