Cuomo Set Up

PUBLISHED: 5:18 PM 11 Aug 2020

Sudden Spike In Cases After Cuomo Set Up COVID ‘Testing’ Sites In Red States

Wait… Cuomo’s record is horrible… is this why numbers suddenly spiked in red states?

Just saying... (Source: USA Today Youtube screenshot)

In a strange an bizarre coincidence, red states like Florida, Texas, and Georgia have seen massive ‘spikes’ in COVID cases directly after Andrew Cuomo ‘helped’ set up additional testing areas in those states.

Cuomo has been largely blamed for the outrageous number of deaths in New York after a number of criminally negligent incidents were exposed, such as shipping infected people to nursing homes, leading to the deaths of thousands.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

New York state and Governor Cuomo had THE WORST Coronavirus death ratio in the world — higher than any state (except New Jersey) and higher than ANY COUNTRY! Under Cuomo’s leadership thousands of New Yorkers were needlessly killed in nursing homes, adult care facilities and homes for people with disabilities.

After destroying his state now Governor Cuomo is setting up testing sites in several other states for some reason.

Andrew Cuomo helped establish COVID testing sites in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cuomo also helped Houston set up two additional testing sites.

And Cuomo brought a COVID-19 testing team to Georgia.

Cuomo is spreading his medicine like Cuba shares doctors.

Who’s paying for all of this?

After having the worst COVID-19 record in the world Cuomo has no shame in lecturing other states on this deadly virus.

Interestingly, as soon as the Cuomo sites were up, cases seemed to increase.