House Orders FBI

PUBLISHED: 7:10 PM 19 Mar 2018

Subpoena Prepared If FBI Refuses To Turn Over Clinton Email Documents

There are over one million “missing” documents.

Over a million documents from the Hillary secret server investigation are stuck in red tape but not for long.

Asking nicely didn’t work. The House Judiciary Committee has been waiting long enough. They have the power to arrest people for hiding needed information, even high ranking officials in the Justice Department.

Out of 1.2 million Clinton investigation texts and documents that the watchdog panel told the DOJ they wanted to sniff, only 3,000 have been delivered for inspection. A subpoena is in the works.

The committee’s leader, Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), took to the airwaves over the weekend, warning the Department of Justice they are not going to wait much longer.

“We need to have those documents,” he insists, “The department and the bureau have been slow, very slow, in getting them to us.”

These aren’t just any records. Hillary Clinton secretly and improperly used a private email server while she held the title Secretary of State. Practically on the eve of the 2016 election, the Federal Bureau of Investigation refused to call what she did a crime.

The committee wants to see for themselves if the evidence really backed that decision. Or, was it all the work of the Hillary Clinton FBI “fan club.”

The FBI is a branch of the Department of Justice. Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s Inspector General, has been conducting an internal review of the FBI’s alleged wrongdoing, which has been running for the past year.

The team of inspectors interviewed “dozens” of witnesses and waded through over a million documents.

While the Inspector General’s report is expected to be made available to Congress as early as April, Goodlatte’s committee wants to take a look at the raw evidence for themselves, especially since the DOJ investigating the FBI looks to be a case of the rats watching the cheese.

Judiciary Committee staffers are busy typing up subpoenas, formally alerting the Justice Department that this is their last chance to cough up everything the Inspector General collected. All they have been given so far is a “tiny percentage.”

Rep. Goodlatte voiced his disappointment. “That’s regrettable,” he noted.

“While the work of the inspector general is important, and we’re looking forward to seeing his report, his responsibility and the Congress’ responsibilities in conducting oversight over the nation’s most important, premier law enforcement is also important.”

Inspector General Horowitz attributes the delay to the huge pile of “classified” information.

The IG was originally tasked with looking into whether or not the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at the DOJ, Peter Kadzik, “improperly disclosed non-public information to the Clinton campaign.”

If Kadzik had leaked, he never should have been allowed to work on the server investigation. He should have “been recused.” Another reason Kadzik should not have been investigating Hillary is that “Kadzik previously worked as an attorney for Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.”

As soon as they started digging, they discovered a treasure trove of “anti-Trump texts.” These were exchanged between two top Justice Department employees who were having an affair.

Peter Strzok was the FBI investigator in charge of the Clinton email probe. He is on the record calling President Trump “an idiot.”

Strzok was sleeping with a Justice Department Attorney, Lisa Page, who worked with FBI Deputy Director McCabe. The pair went to great lengths discussing the unthinkable, Donald Trump winning the election. We “can’t take the risk,” one message stated.

Just before the election, Strzok, Page, and McCabe cooked up “an insurance policy” in “Andy’s” office. Pundits fear that the insurance policy they had in mind materialized as the Robert Mueller Special Counsel “witch hunt.” Both Strzok and Page worked on Mueller’s team.

By the time the Inspector General found the emails, Page’s temporary assignment ended. Strzok was immediately yanked from Mueller’s inquisition but he still has a job with the FBI.

Before he got pulled off the Trump-Russia collusion frame-up, Strzok was “instrumental” to the prosecution. “He interviewed former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.”

During the presidential campaign, Strzok “interviewed several Hillary Clinton staffers including Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills about her use of a private email server as secretary of state.”

After those interviews, he erased language in the final report, written by other agents, which had said Clinton was “grossly negligent,” which is a crime.

Clinton fan Strozok personally wrote the words “extremely careless” in their place.

On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions shocked D.C. by taking the drastic step of firing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe mere hours before his scheduled retirement, chopping off his retirement benefits with an ax.

The reason Sessions gave for the decision was because IG Horowitz “had determined that McCabe was not forthcoming in regard to the handling of the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s email usage, leaked information to the media and had ties to the Democratic Party.”

Lying to Congress is grounds for immediate dismissal. Leaking classified information to the press is as well.

McCabe also had numerous ties to Clinton and the Democrats through his wife’s state Senate campaign, funded largely by Clinton crony, Terry McAuliffe. He tiptoed around that subject when he was grilled by committees and the Judiciary committee was taking notes.

Rep. Goodlatte defended the Attorney General’s decision to fire McCabe. “Those are very serious concerns, and they tie into the overall concern about how the FBI handled investigations into the elections last year. The steps are appropriate.”