Sub-Committee Passes Bill Defunding Abortion Clinics

PUBLISHED: 1:42 AM 20 Feb 2018

Sub-Committee Moves To Defund Abortion Clinics With Passage Of Pro-Life Bill

They want taxpayer money to go to family planning groups instead.

Just recently, a new pro-life bill cutting off taxpayer funds to death clinics like Planned Parenthood was passed by Tennessee’s health sub-committee. 

Just recently, a new pro-life bill was passed by Tennessee’s health sub-committee. If the legislation, known as State House Bill 2262, is ultimately signed into law, it would essentially cut off taxpayer funds to death clinics like Planned Parenthood.

Specifically, the bill, which is sponsored by state Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville), would “permanently redirect Title X funds away from abortion groups like Planned Parenthood by prioritizing comprehensive health clinics” if it becomes a law. Doing so would essentially make a measure that was previously put into place by Governor Bill Haslam back in 2011 an official law.

In an email to their followers, the Tennessee Right to Life made it explicitly clear why such legislation is important by highlighting just how much public money was being sent to the abortion provider.  

“After years of focused efforts by pro-life lawmakers and principled leadership by Governor Haslam, Tennessee successfully implemented policy in 2011 which has resulted in millions of tax dollars being redirected away from Planned Parenthood facilities in our state,” they explained in the email.

“Under Haslam’s direction, an administrative process was established which prioritizes public health departments to receive the public funds appropriated for family planning programs rather than private non-profit organizations such as Planned Parenthood,” they continued, noting, “prior to 2011, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Tennessee received more than $1.1 million dollars annually.”

Later in the email, they also made sure to personally thank Chairman Bryan Terry (R-Murfreesboro) and Rep. Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) for pushing the legislation forward.

Thankfully, lawmakers in Tennessee aren’t the only ones pushing to better protect the lives of the unborn. Back in December 2017, for instance, the Pennsylvania House Health Committee approved Senate Bill 3 (SB 3). It’s a piece of pro-life legislation that prohibits doctors from performing dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions.

According to reports, a D&E abortion, otherwise known as a “dismemberment abortion,” is a barbaric second-trimester abortion technique that essentially involves using medical forceps to rip fetuses, sometimes limb from limb, out of their mothers. In addition to banning dismemberment abortions, SB 3 would also ban abortions after twenty weeks.

In addition to Pennsylvania, a piece of pro-life legislation was also recently signed in Indiana. Specifically, the Indiana House of Representatives voted 75-23 back in December 2017 to pass Indiana Senate Bill 404 (SB 404). If it’s ultimately signed into law, SB 404 would require that minors’ parents be notified of their intent to have an abortion if they try to do so without their consent.

In addition to ensuring that “parents are involved in the life-changing decision when their minor daughter seeks an abortion,” proponents of SB 404 argue that requiring parental notification will help better protect young girls from abusive situations. They also claim it’ll help keep young girls from making hasty decisions that they may later regret.

But, opponents of the legislation worry that notifying parents could actually “result in more child abuse” if the parent is abusive and becomes angry that their child tried to undermine their authority.

Their concern, however, isn’t actually something to be worried about. This is because, in the legislation, there’s a provision that allows for exceptions to be made in extreme cases if “the judge decides it is in the girl’s best interest not to notify her parents.”

Unfortunately, though, while some are trying to make it harder to kill the unborn, others are actively pushing to make their slaughter as easy as possible.

Earlier this week, for example, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against a law in the state of Ohio banning the abortion of unborn children with Down syndrome. They claim the law, HB 214, violates the 14th Amendment.

“By striking at the very heart of the Fourteenth Amendment right to privacy and autonomy, H.B. 214 imposes an unconstitutional undue burden on the abortion right, and Plaintiffs are therefore entitled to declaratory and injunctive relief against its enforcement,” they explained in their complaint.

To clarify, they added, “by prohibiting pre-viability abortions based on the woman’s reason for seeking the care, the Act violates the rights to liberty and privacy secured to Plaintiffs’ patients by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

By saying this, the ACLU is basically claiming that the government must allow women to slaughter their unborn children for whatever reason they want.

This, however, is clearly ridiculous. When someone kills someone with Down syndrome after they’re born, their reasoning for doing so absolutely matters and determines whether or not they’ll be charged with a crime. If the killing is in the self-defense of others, for instance, then they likely won’t be punished. If it’s unprovoked and based on the fact that they have Down syndrome, though, then they’ll undoubtedly be thrown in jail.

The same reasoning should be applied toward abortion. This means that a doctor who aborts a baby because the mother’s life is in danger should not be treated the same as a doctor who does so simply because the mother doesn’t want a child with Down syndrome.

Slaughtering unborn children must not be tolerated. Hopefully, our country’s state lawmakers understand this and ultimately sign State House Bill 2262 and all other legislation like it into law while also voting down bills like HB 214.