Shutdown Was Trap?

PUBLISHED: 5:38 PM 15 Jan 2019

Stunning Shutdown Plot Rumor: Trump Interview Touts ‘Names You Haven’t Heard’

In this extremely upbeat interview, the president addresses a number of issues, including corruption within the DOJ and FBI, and at least one source has hinted that the shutdown was a plan to get rid of the bloated, deep state obstructionists who have been thwarting the administration’s policies.

President Trump is so much smarter than they realize.

In an extremely upbeat and interesting interview with Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro, President Trump discussed a number of issues and hinted that the corruption scandal within the FBI and DOJ would stun Americans.

The president’s attitude, at least one person has speculated, was positive because while democrats have left Washington, the White House is getting a lot of work done.

In fact, at least one source, who has not been identified, has stated that the administration is getting tons of work done, because the people who are impacted by the shutdown are part of the obstructionists.

The rumor is this: The president planned to goad Nancy and Chuck into the shutdown, because in five more days, all these people can be fired. Plus, he’s already building the wall anyway, so the contention, while beneficial if he wins, was basically an elaborate ruse.

Many people understand how difficult it is to reduce government payrolls, but the president has long promised that he planned to reduce the size of the government.

Moreover, many of these non-essential personnel have been obstructing the president’s agenda, according to the source, and although there will undoubtedly be lawsuits, Trump will be able to chuck these obstructionists out.

During the interview with Pirro, an almost giddy President Trump provided information on the current immigration and border control crisis as well as democrat legislative inflexibility.

The shutdown would be solved if democrats would simply support the same bills previously passed under other administrations, but the palpable hatred of Donald Trump seems to have disordered their senses.

The president spoke to Pirro about the current, high priority, trade negotiations that are being forged by the administration.

He rightly boasted of the “strongest economy in the world” and explained his direct involvement in building the underlying details that will produce very good outcomes.

There is no doubt that the U.S. economy is humming. The numbers released in December show clear optimism among employers.

However, probably the most stunning information was delivered concerning the last New York Times hit piece involving the DOJ and FBI.

With a positive energy that is probably the reason no one has reported on it, the president explained that Americans will “be surprised at the names of people involved in the corruption,” adding, “names you haven’t heard yet.”

That sounds plausible, considering the fact that the current level of deep state corruption within the DOJ and FBI has already boggled the minds of most citizens.

Many people also argue that the liberal media is bringing up all the defunct Russian collusion stuff because the president is winning on the border wall issue.

There’s no doubt that this interview shows Trump’s optimism and strong leadership.

It’s 20 minutes, so sit back and enjoy.