PUBLISHED: 7:45 PM 3 Feb 2017

Stunning: Illegals Now Being Ordered To Fight Immigration Agents…By Government Officials


How far will “resisting ICE” go?

In one of the most troublesome and important news items on recent weeks, particularly as it relates to potential violence, government officials are encouraging illegal aliens from complying for ICE and law enforcement when they come to deport them. Bare firmly in mind that we are not talking about those here legally, which is illegal, but we are talking about people who just walked into the country!

Gregorio Casar, a member of the City Council in Texas, has just released an information graphic that goes into great detail about how to resist and use the laws of the nation against the legal deportation. It is important to note that the “right to remain” silent is usually found in court rulings to be an American right. Many of those who have broken our laws and are not in America are not covered Miranda Right (the right to remain silent) by the nature of their illegal status.

This is why known terrorists who do not appear on the battlefield as soldiers of an official nation state with a declaration of war are not covered under the Geneva Convention anymore than common murderers are.


This is being sent to those who entered our nation without permission.

Proving that he has no respect for the law of the land, Caesar got even more crass when he said regarding rumored raids under Trump happening as soon this that, “such assaults on our community are imminent given the anti-immigrant hate of our federal administration.” He doubled down on the mindlessness with, “Trump and his allies will do everything they can to divide Americans, invoke fear in vulnerable neighborhoods, and demonize an entire community of people. For this reason, we are sharing know-your-rights materials with our constituents, and posting them here.”

It would be interesting to know how it is an assault on an American community made up of hard working people who pay for Americans to be treated in hospitals, taught in schools, etc are fortunate enough to have their immigration laws upheld.

Does he think that it is America’s role as a nation that would be bankrupt without money printing to somehow pay for the needs of everyone? America does not have the money to properly take care of itself as seen in our dreadful test scores when compared to other nations of like status. It can not be an affront on any community to have those who are helping bankrupt us leave and return LEGALLY.


Having a wall too high to just crawl over will do a lot in preventing illegal migration.

Of interest also would be what “Americans” are being divided? We are not deporting Americans, we are deporting people who are NOT American, that is the whole point. His claims of “invoking fear” in neighborhoods that are made up of illegal residents should be afraid because they have broken our laws and must be sent home to again, try again LEGALLY.

Lastly, no community or race is being “demonized” at all because we are not deporting black/brown skinned people, we are not deporting a community of citizens, we are deporting those here regardless of color or community affiliation based only upon legal status. No one is “demonized” by deportation, they are just sent home because they broke our laws.

Austin has already been trying to defy the law of the land and further bankrupt the nation and kill its workforce potential since Trump got elected, calling themselves a “sanctuary city”, which just means, “city where some laws mean nothing.”


If this much effort was used to enter the country legally (with money from selling this SUV, perhaps), much of the illegal problem would be gone.

One of the nation’s most even minded Governor in terms of migration and border security, Abbot has said that state will cancel $1.5 million to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, to use an example. He has also promised to get quite tough on any so-called “sanctuary cities” and those that harbor and hire illegal’s.

Those who need to be most worried are those that have not only come into our cities illegally, but also have grown criminal records in the process. Who (except for the left) would be against throwing a known thug of any color out of America? Trump’s order even says clearly, ” Among those who illegally enter are those who seek to harm Americans through acts of terror or criminal conduct. ”

This means that those here illegally now who are not criminals should be working towards legal status (by perhaps leaving before deported and applying LEGALLY) and leave less time for protesting common sense immigration laws.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attends a news conference near the U.S.-Mexico border (background), outside Laredo, Texas July 23, 2015. REUTERS/Rick Wilking - RTX1LKQP

Trump has shown that he is prepared to roll up his sleeves and tackle the issues at hand.

There is no nation on the planet that allows people to just walk into the country with no borders, such as America is expected to do. Nations like Mexico has much tougher laws on immigration than America did even during World War Two, yet they are never called racist. No one attacks Mexico for building a wall along its southern border, either. These are all things that other nations are allowed to do, but America is just supposed to sink itself. All things that the left and Democrats support that other parties do not are things that lead to and end with America’s demise.

With a logical and practical president like Donald Trump in office, the days of anyone just taking a stroll into the country are over. Trump has spoken about the “big beautiful door” as much as he has said, “Build the wall.”

Thanks, but no thanks, we do not need to welcome those that have not even bothered to shake our hand as they enter our home, so to speak. As for being fearful of deportation, well, that is a very practical fear to have, thankfully.