Dismantle FISA Court

PUBLISHED: 3:49 PM 18 Dec 2019

Stunning Call To Deconstruct FISA Court Outlines Massive Fraud

Devin Nunes is in a very particular position, and his statements this weekend have led to the stunning ‘response’ issued by the prevailing FISA Court judge.

This is HUGE! (Source: Fox News Screenshot YouTube)

Last Sunday, Rep. Devin Nunes delivered scathing and stunning statements calling for the deconstruction of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, a move that many people strongly agree with considering the secret powers that it operates under, subverting the Constitution of the United States.

Sundance, on Conservative Treehouse has compiled the case, showing that Nunes is in the perfect position to make such an argument, because he is on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and had previously warned the court of the massive FBI abuse taking place.

He wrote:

During a stunning interview last Sunday Devin Nunes called for the FISA court to be deconstructed.

In my opinion it was that statement, not the IG report, that spurred FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer to make a public order today.

Today, hours after Judge Collyer released her order, Devin Nunes responded to the review of the FISC by stating, accurately, Judge Collyer doth protest too much.

In this interview Devin Nunes outlines his February 2018 notification to the FISC about the specific fraud upon the court; and as a result of that (and a follow-up) notification, Nunes again takes the FISC to task for saying they were not aware.  Collyer was aware because Nunes told her.

Accepting the totality of the FISC obfuscation, HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes again calls for the dismantling of the FISA court process. WATCH:

Despite the media ignoring the scale of Nunes prior statements, this is not some just some arbitrary representatives’ opinion.

Nunes was Chairman of the HPSCI when he informed the court of the abuse; and he is currently the ranking member of the same committee.

It is not a signal flare from the ranking member of the HPSCI to call for a structural removal of FISC authority.  This is a nuclear blast from the primary person who previously guided the FISA re-authorization that permits the court’s existence.

Here’s the February 2018 letter from Nunes to Judge Collyer:

Nunes letter to FISC by Fox News on Scribd

It is arbitrary and capricious for FISC Presiding Judge Collyer to say today she has concerns about fraud upon the court after being notified two years ago about the issue.

♦ In 2018 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes held primary oversight authority over the aggregate Intelligence Community (IC).  Chairman Nunes informed the court about flaws in the FISA application and requested the transcripts (if any) from the FISA Court during the DOJ/FBI Title-1 surveillance application over their target, U.S. person Carter Page.

♦In 2018 House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte held primary oversight authority over the Department of Justice -including the FISA court- and requested the actual FISA Title-1 application as submitted by the DOJ/FBI for surveillance of Carter Page.

Judge Collyer responded to both legislative branch chairmen from the position of “never previously receiving such requests.”  Here was her response in 2018:

FISA Court Presiding Judge … by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

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FISA Court Presiding Judge … by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd