PUBLISHED: 11:02 PM 22 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 2:56 AM 23 Feb 2017

Students Band Together To Defeat Trump’s Wall, Removing Their Balls To “Destroy The Patriarchy”


Students in Washington and California are threatening to expose themselves to get Trump to not build The Wall.

When someone, or a group of someones, have limited or no knowledge of facts or how a system works (such as how to get an idea noticed or an agenda progressed), then what happens when they act out can be quite crude. When a group like Black Lives Matter is formed from a base of people who have thinking that things like widespread racism exists when it does not, they take the streets certain that their cause is a worthy and noble one, for instance. Such people will take their lies, hand fed to them by a media with a socialist agenda to divide and conquer, and not knowing them to be falsehoods,  stand by and quote such lies.

At no time in the birth of today’s news cycle has that been more painfully clear than in the actions planned by some students at the University of California.  Today is has been learned that many there, devoid of the facts or processes at hand, are threatening to expose their private sexual members and organs if Trump goes ahead with building “The Wall.” Somehow, even though those college kids have grown up around gangsta’ rap, a half nude Lady Gaga, and porn merely a mouse click away think that a display of someone’s genitals is going to change official policy. Then again, perhaps BECAUSE of such things is why this kind of foolishness is embraced, since reading how real change comes about or learning it in the halls of their public schools never happened.


Somehow, exposing one’s own body is related to stopping the construction of Trump’s Wall in the minds of these students.

What is even more laughable is that is has been exposed that this is not even an original crude idea, but simply one highjacked from another college,  the University of Washington. As if the laughter could not get anymore uncontrollable, one student said, “Really, by building the wall, we are raping the Mexican people, and I am no longer willing to be a perpetrator of rape culture. If I remove my penis, I am making a statement that I reject this mentality,” because we all know that nothing speaks up for women who have been raped like showing them a penis! Beyond that, what does the Trump Wall have to do with rape culture? Most of the rapes are done by illegals, so building “The Wall” should not cause them to remove anything, but maybe ADD some layers. Perhaps a chastity belt to prevent stupidity from breeding until after graduation.

The sophomore Washington University student who started the “movement,”  Mr. Griliphaen doubled down on the idea by stating, “I heard about what was happening in California, and knew that this kind of movement could gain traction up here – we are a progressive state. I kind of feel guilty, I’m removing my penis, but one of the other guys is going to castrate himself, and he’s even considering taking off a couple of fingers.” So the thinking must be that Trump is going to stop building The Wall to keep us safe because a few of the less bright crayons in the box want to mutilate themselves. Sure, that will work.


Rather than address the real rapes that happen in the world, students at Washington and California University’s think that exposing a penis to a rape victim will HELP them.

This highlights everything wrong with the Democrats and those opposed to Trump at every turn and use every opportunity to do so. First of all, they pick a topic like “The Wall”, and armed only with media lies about it being racist and knowing nothing about legal immigration being as wide open as ever under Trump, they embrace the issue as a “justice” cause. They have no idea what a just justice cause is, but it does make them feel important, even though they can not say how a wall is racist since they themselves need to pass the Mexican border and not just stroll in. This fact is utterly lost upon them.

From there, step two sees them merge two topics that have nothing in common, in this case, “The Wall” and so-called “rape culture” (which is not happening), and try to make them into one cause. Sure, “The Wall” is about keeping migration in check and safe, and stopping “rape culture” has nothing to do with it, but explaining this to people who are limited in intelligence and scope to the degree that they wish to cut off their own manhood to prove it is like trying to explain the workings of the universe to a goldfish.


Blaming Trump’s Wall for causing “rape culture” is like blaming a working parachute for causing a person’s death.

Suited up with “facts” obtained by the media, step three sees the totally misinformed student parading in the street threatening to expose their private parts to a society that would have only been shocked 50 years ago when Elvis had his dancing censored. Deep down, such social justice warriors know that this is going to accomplish nothing, it will not even scratch one stone on “The Wall”, but for one they are too lazy to care. They don’t REALLY care about the causes that they stand behind, they are not prepared to write articles and do any legwork for free, they just want to feel as if they are doing something to stop some injustice that someone told them existed.

Secondly, they do not know HOW to bring change to any cause that they do care about. They have not read any books on the topic, not called any Congressmen, not turned the laptop cam on and made any videos, or even tried to learn how to write articles with less spelling errors than their signs often have. They are not motivated by a cause, but a feeling and a need to fit in. When someone is filled with a misdirected passion, no facts, and no idea how to be heard with logic (which few have), they attempt to get attention with what everyone has….genitalia. The ability to “shock” someone, if anyone even would care.


Students plan to expose their nude bodies in a move to stop The Wall by, well???

The right can at least be happy that if this is the future of the Democratic left, defeating them in the future should be as easy a cracking Anthony Weiner jokes, something that is much more akin to their actions than anything that has to do with Trump’s Wall, rape culture, or whatever else it is that the left wants to do to show how ballsy they are for.