Student Trashes Dem

PUBLISHED: 4:28 PM 6 May 2019

Student Slams Liberal Governor For Massive ‘Unconstitutional’ Overreach

This video is worth watching… someone has raised this high school student with the ability to think logically and he has successfully averted the brainwashing by the public school system.

Polis, like most arrogant dems, refused to answer the questions and insulted the young man.

Ky Chapman is a high school senior in Colorado, and has apparently managed to escape the mindless indoctrination of the public school system.

This teen actually has the ability to think logically and he used it to completely school the state’s Democrat governor, Jared Polis, on a number of overreaching, abusive issues.

Polis, is response, decided to patronize and belittle the future voter.

The Western Journal reported on the incident, speaking about Polis and Chapman:

[Polis is] probably best-known for signing Colorado on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a liberal end-run around to avoid using the Electoral College by trying to cobble enough states together who will give their electors to the popular vote winner no matter who wins the state.

Gov. Polis is also one of the state executives who’s signed a so-called “red flag” bill, which would take guns away from individuals without due process if authorities think they’re a danger to themselves or others.

He was also yet another one of the politicians who gave his condolences to “Easter-worshippers” instead of “Christians” after the Sri Lanka terror attacks.

Of more concern at the state level are land-use regulations and fertilizer tax breaks.

All of those things factored into Chapman’s glorious viral takedown of Polis.

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“So us here in Colorado are dumbstruck about what you’ve done and where Colorado is going. Starting with the national popular vote it is extremely disgusting that this bill was passed without a vote from us Colorado citizens; the Electoral College was created to protect our state’s voice compared to states like California and New York, and news flash, we have different values from them,” Chapman said.

“Our voice is wiped out by their massive populations, and it is extremely, extremely ironic that we didn’t even get a chance to vote on this but instead was forced down our throat.”

“Next on the list is the ‘red flag bill’ which you signed despite 76 percent, or 48 out of 63 counties and sheriffs in the state opposing it. This bill is utter nonsense and is unconstitutional,” he said.

“Why should someone with a previous or current relationship to me be able to call the sheriff’s office and tell them that they can come take my guns?”

Chapman next attacked Colorado’s Proposition 112, which required new oil and gas development to be 2,500 feet from structures intended to be used by humans.

It was soundly rejected by the residents of Colorado in November 2018 — which made little to no difference, apparently, since Polis signed the very similar Senate Bill 181 into law recently.

“Now this bill has another layer of red tape getting permits and certifications as well as getting local counties and communities chances to regulate the industry however the hell they want. And the lives of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans work in this field and you are effectively destroying it in the … systems of this state,” Chapman said.

“You punched Coloradans directly in the nose after we chose a different path last fall.”

“Next is the ‘Easter-worshipper’ comments,” he said. “I’m sorry, but I don’t worship the holiday; I worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am a damn proud Catholic and Christian.”

“Those Catholics and Christians who were murdered in Sri Lanka aren’t Easter worshipers, but persecuted Christians by radical extremist Islamic terrorists.”

“I guess you’d rather not offend a bunch of terrorist murderers by calling them radical Islamic terrorists but instead be extremely ignorant and call Christians ‘Easter-worshippers.’ Pathetic.”

Chapman closed with another point regarding how Polis had gone after farmers by eliminating a tax exemption for fertilizer.

“Time after time you’ve attacked each industry in this state, and all while doing so you say you want to be a governor for all. Yet all we’ve seen you do is be a governor for Boulder,” he concluded, referring to the ultra-liberal college town in which the University of Colorado is located.

In his response, the jerk-face governor replied:

“It’s a great civic education to be part of this,” Polis said. “If you need a note for your teacher I’d be happy to write it because this is what democracy is all about.”